GW2: Irregular Tribute to Zommoros

While finishing up dailies today, which included ‘complete an explorable mode dungeon’ and pocketing 1.5g at the end of it, I noticed I had 17g sitting in my wallet.

And a sudden compulsive urge to fritter away some of it struck me.

I remember overhearing a conversation in a public voice chat channel that some player had decided they were going to gamble for their precursor using one batch of exotics a day, instead of toileting endless amounts of rares into the Mystic Forge – all that clicking and dragging is annoying, y’know?

Since I don’t usually run 6+ dungeons a day, netting 10-20g out of it, doing something like that daily is out of the picture for me, but well, what the heck, since I had money to burn this time around…

Bought four fairly cheap rifles off the trading post for 2g each, noting with glee that I hadn’t actually collected skins for three of them, so that was already going to be less painful to flush them…

…and didn’t get a precursor.

Big surprise.


But this fella did pop out of the forge.

Nope, I didn't own the charzooka skin before either.
Nope, I didn’t own the charrzooka skin before either. It’s.. RIDICULOUS. Completely awesome in its utter ridiculous-ity. Especially on a charr that some have already commented is large enough for two people with his spinal blades pack.

Well-played, Zommoros, well-played.

I got to say, that seems like a fair enough trade (worth around 7 gold on the TP, but I decided to keep it), considering all the other ways it could have gone worse.

2 thoughts on “GW2: Irregular Tribute to Zommoros

  1. Wasn’t there something mentioned in the lead-up to Feature Pack about changing the way the Mystic Forge worked? I notice the Daily for using the Forge has disappeared and that was about the only reason I ever used it. I don’t believe I’ve used it even once since the FP.

    As for making money, with the ever-escalating price of certain Rares (especially Greatswords, Daggers and Staffs) I’m making a lot more money just doing the same things. I frequently sell rares for over 50s now, to the point where it’s not a good idea to salvage many rares for Ectos any more.

    The best way to make money, though, has to be to have a character in the mid-levels. Everything you get sells for much more than top-level stuff. Leveling my Guardian I sell pretty much everything on the TP – not just rares and mats (which go for insane amounts) but greens and even blues. Everything sells. I wish we could level-lock, or toggle off that annoying change they made so long ago that means you get drops according to your real level not your down-level.


  2. The best way to make money is the Trading Post.. but I didn’t sign up for an economic game (though tbh I’ve sort of been forced in to once given the emphasis on money in the game.) After that it’s dungeon speed running.. a sad affair, but really the only decent way to make fast cash. :/

    Anyway, I have a friend who regularly gambles with the forge. He once got 11 precursors in one day. He of course also has numerous legendaries himself. It’s folks like him that make me want to gamble, but the little bits that I do.. it always turns out like your story. 😛


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