Neverwinter: TIL How to DPS

Look, ma, I'm a blender!

So it only took me 17 levels to figure this out.

Master of the obvious, me.

I need to thank Scott for dropping the very valuable clue that Neverwinter was intended as a co-op action RPG in my earlier post. That, combined with finally getting lazy with repeated click spam led me to this stunning revelation.

Holding down the left mouse button = automatic sword swinging.

I may have outsmarted myself at first by being influenced by GW2 and Wildstar, trying to pick my timings and utilize skills and dodge properly.

Instead of each button press getting delayed by some 200ms of latency, all the animations chain together and the mob is dead and flung away before my sword has even lowered again.

And a few other encounter skills still seem to fire through the basic attack, like the sweeping aoe damage snare, though I let up periodically to make sure my stun/prone skill carries out its animation properly and behaves.

The Great Weapon Fighter now feels like this:

But in motion...
But in motion…

Especially after picking up the pet cleric at level 16, and upgrading from a 99 damage +131 Power greatsword to 157 damage +331 Power greatsword at level 17.

It seems to have gone even further down the simplistic spectrum though.

Photo courtesy of Vaikoovery from Wikimedia Commons.
Used under Creative Commons 3.0 Attributon license.

GW2: Irregular Tribute to Zommoros

While finishing up dailies today, which included ‘complete an explorable mode dungeon’ and pocketing 1.5g at the end of it, I noticed I had 17g sitting in my wallet.

And a sudden compulsive urge to fritter away some of it struck me.

I remember overhearing a conversation in a public voice chat channel that some player had decided they were going to gamble for their precursor using one batch of exotics a day, instead of toileting endless amounts of rares into the Mystic Forge – all that clicking and dragging is annoying, y’know?

Since I don’t usually run 6+ dungeons a day, netting 10-20g out of it, doing something like that daily is out of the picture for me, but well, what the heck, since I had money to burn this time around…

Bought four fairly cheap rifles off the trading post for 2g each, noting with glee that I hadn’t actually collected skins for three of them, so that was already going to be less painful to flush them…

…and didn’t get a precursor.

Big surprise.


But this fella did pop out of the forge.

Nope, I didn't own the charzooka skin before either.
Nope, I didn’t own the charrzooka skin before either. It’s.. RIDICULOUS. Completely awesome in its utter ridiculous-ity. Especially on a charr that some have already commented is large enough for two people with his spinal blades pack.

Well-played, Zommoros, well-played.

I got to say, that seems like a fair enough trade (worth around 7 gold on the TP, but I decided to keep it), considering all the other ways it could have gone worse.