Picture of the Day


No, Steam, that was the length of the install time.

I haven’t actually played it yet.

P.S. As you may be able to tell, I’m going on an MMO / side game hopping vacation week!

Gotta get it all done before the Festival of the Four Winds in GW2, where the Bazaar and Crown Pavilion make their return! Like nearly everyone else, I’m wondering just how many things will be repeated from the last go around, and how many things will be improved or new.

I’ve got my eye on sampling Neverwinter and Path of Exile (as recommended in Missy’s “Over MMOs?” comments section.)

Path of Exile nearly didn’t make the cut due to some weird form of region-locking going on with Steam – I can’t see it on the Store page because I’m based in Singapore, and apparently Garena has gone “nom nom” over Malaysian and Singapore PoE players.

On the bright side, Gear Grind Games took pains to assure on the very front page on their website that this was NOT A RESTRICTION if you actually wanted to like, play with people beyond your tiny region of the world, and that you could download the standalone client from their website to do so.

So I’ll be trying that after a few days of Neverwinter.

And it does sound nice in theory to have the option of switching to a Singapore server for the latency I ALMOST NEVER GET TO ENJOY when I want to, too.

But enforced region-locking sucks. It’s like not being confident enough in your value-added services and wanting to force a group of players to play here only.

Options are the way to go.

If I’m soloing, why not use a Singapore server?

If I want to play with friends that aren’t based in this region, I’d like to be able to too, and will willingly brave the 200-300ms lag monster to do it.

Back in a few days to report if and just how well that works in practice.

“Challenging” Dungeon Redux

I joined a Guild Wars 2 Twilight Arbor Aetherpath LFG that said “new to path, need a leader” for the pure masochistic fun of it.

It was as Wildstar Stormtalon Lair as you might expect.

Two below 700 AP newbies, two 3k-4k AP, half an hour trying to coordinate the ooze kiting together with only three people communicating, the last one being Taiwanese and having language issues, so he was forgiven even if he didn’t say so, and the other just not a talkative sort, I guess. One person was nearly frustrated to the point of giving up, but he held on and we somehow managed it in the end.

Slick and Sparki surprisingly died on the first go, Foreman Spur took two goes.

There were many many repeated wipes on the Aetherblade trash spawns, likely due to lack of DPS to burn ’em down quickly and lack of experience of the newbies with that particular faction’s annoying schticks since they probably weren’t around for the Living Story Season 1.

Instance holder’s fortitude finally gave out at Clockheart after further repeated wipes and the team’s best attempts not being able to bring down its hp beyond half.

Kudos to the team for holding together until then and managing a whole sequence of mass rezzes during various encounters though.

Not to mention, being ridiculously patient through multiple lapses of memory on my part as I walked right through various Aetherblade ambushes (I kept overestimating the team’s DPS capability to the standard 3+ melee zerk one and rushing in way too much) and running afoul of sneaky mechanics while trying to explain the part I did remember.

Do we consider this a challenge?

Or merely inexperience that is bound to get better with practice and preparation.

In before prepared groups cakewalk through Stormtalon’s Lair with interrupt spam and stacked AoEs in Wildstar. Calling it now.