GW2: Irregular Tribute to Zommoros

While finishing up dailies today, which included ‘complete an explorable mode dungeon’ and pocketing 1.5g at the end of it, I noticed I had 17g sitting in my wallet.

And a sudden compulsive urge to fritter away some of it struck me.

I remember overhearing a conversation in a public voice chat channel that some player had decided they were going to gamble for their precursor using one batch of exotics a day, instead of toileting endless amounts of rares into the Mystic Forge – all that clicking and dragging is annoying, y’know?

Since I don’t usually run 6+ dungeons a day, netting 10-20g out of it, doing something like that daily is out of the picture for me, but well, what the heck, since I had money to burn this time around…

Bought four fairly cheap rifles off the trading post for 2g each, noting with glee that I hadn’t actually collected skins for three of them, so that was already going to be less painful to flush them…

…and didn’t get a precursor.

Big surprise.


But this fella did pop out of the forge.

Nope, I didn't own the charzooka skin before either.
Nope, I didn’t own the charrzooka skin before either. It’s.. RIDICULOUS. Completely awesome in its utter ridiculous-ity. Especially on a charr that some have already commented is large enough for two people with his spinal blades pack.

Well-played, Zommoros, well-played.

I got to say, that seems like a fair enough trade (worth around 7 gold on the TP, but I decided to keep it), considering all the other ways it could have gone worse.