Regret: The Video Game

So am I the only one who has trouble getting through The Walking Dead?

Yes, it’s a nice narrative. Yes, I like the idea of having choices and consequences and branching result on paper.

But then I run into a choice in Episode 2 that sets the tenor and tone of things to come, and I really can’t decide on what kind of person I want Lee to be.

I could take the pragmatic gore-splattered option which I personally feel would be more realistic in a zombie apocalypse survival scenario. But the idea of holding carefully to morals in a world where few hang on to theirs is also attractive in a thematic story sense.

And so I sit, stalemated by not knowing which story I’d prefer to experience first and refuse to let the rest of the scene play out.

Next moment, I’ve quit the game and am scanning through walkthroughs, knowing very well that either choice is a perfectly valid option that actually changes -nothing- in a gameplay sense, and -everything- on a literary level.

At this rate, I’m never going to even make it to 400 days, let alone Season 2.

2 thoughts on “Regret: The Video Game

  1. That might be possible. I went through the Walking Dead (and 400 Days) without much trouble. I say, much because there were several moments where I did feel conflicted about what would be the best choice in that kind of situation but then I just went with my gut reaction and was happy enough with how things turned out. Well, as happy as you can be seeing interesting characters having to go through a zombie apocalypse that will probably never end.

    So, my advice would be to not overthink your options much, go with your gut reaction then sit back and enjoy the consequences of your choice. 🙂

    And if you are curious enough about what would happen if you chose another option you can always play it through a second time. /nod


  2. I had a lot if indecision when I started but the I came to the conclusion that my first choice, the one my mouse hovers over straight away is usually the right one for you.


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