6 thoughts on “GW2: A Persuasive Argument

  1. Not as hardcore as TTS, but SBI’s nightly raid killed it with 4 minutes to spare. We start with ranged for the first 25% for speed comparison.


  2. I think the real question is did ANet intend to make Teq “harder” and I think the answer to that is no, they didn’t. He’s been on PUG zerg farm status for, what, a year now, during which time they’ve never expressed any unhappiness about the situation. They just lumped him in with all the other World Bosses that previously couldn’t be critted, which for most of them has largely done what they intended, I think.

    The current extra difficulty is an unintended side-effect. Whether they will see it as a felicitous one and let it ride or whether they will tweak it back to nearer what it was, that we will have to wait and see. It’s not *that* much harder; I’d say it’s a lot easier than it was in the early days. It just needs people to pay attention a bit more than they have been doing. If they leave it as it is people will soon acclimatize and Teq will be back on farm in a short while anyway.


  3. People will acclimatize to anything.

    However, the current strat is mostly about stacking in one position, going full out melee dps, relying on reflects and critting the one spot that can be crit.

    A more objective discussion than “I’m ok, therefore everything is ok” might be, is the elimination of the ranged option a good thing for the fight (or community) and are there other options/suggestions along the spectrum besides “fix it back to where it was” versus “don’t fix it, it’s all good, the rest need to L2P.”

    I’ve heard some pretty good suggestions, such as making it crittable in more than one spot (aka not just the invisible hitbox melee likes to cleave on but also the big target reticles that ranged players tend to use to target.)


    1. All good. I have been in a) obsessive house-cleaning mode, b) semi-secretive GW2 mode (trying to finish buying something off the TP and not wanting to clue people into sending the prices sky-high) and fell out of the blogging habit this month.

      Now it’s become c) “Gee, it’s nice to have taken a month’s break from blogging”, d) “Hrm, I haven’t played these Steam games lately” and e) “I’ve been meaning to try Trove for forever… Hmm. Wow…” modes.

      I may, erm, post in August or something.


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