GW2: SAB World 1 Zone 1 – Quick Reference Guide to Baubles

  • 5 baubles – BOMB – take a left before first checkpoint 1


  • 20 baubles – BOMB – left of next checkpoint


  • 20 baubles – DIG – area near chest with two monkeys 1


  • 20 baubles – DIG – area near chest with two monkeys 1


  • 20 baubles – CHEST – if key drops along the way


  • 6 baubles – BOMB – backtrack from checkpoint


  • 10 baubles – BOMB – take a right at last checkpoint 1


Moving on to World 1 Zone 2….

  1. Dulfy (world 1 secrets, world 1 dig locations)

This is not meant to be a comprehensive coverage guide. Besides not magically knowing every single location, I have chosen on purpose to leave out a few known sites because they involve way too much backtracking for my liking for too little bauble reward.

This is simply a reference for myself to follow as I move in the general direction of straight ahead to the boss, because I have bad memory and I can update my own blog the fastest as I discover/hear about new sites.

But you’re perfectly welcome to share. If the brevity and lone screenshots do not sufficiently guide you, please see sources above for further elaboration.

Unattributed locations were independently discovered by moi.

7 thoughts on “GW2: SAB World 1 Zone 1 – Quick Reference Guide to Baubles

    1. Dulfy’s still works for the most part, though the bauble numbers are off. Hers is generally more comprehensive.

      I leave out certain locations that I just cannot be arsed to jump all that way and back again, eg. Dark Woods 50 bauble in the treetops that requires major backtracking, going back to shortcut worm, etc.

      I mostly just got tired trying to sift my way through four pictures (which is great when you don’t know where things are) when I only needed one reminder of where to go next.


  1. Nice, thanks.

    One tip: You don’t need to rely on a key drop for the chest. Just grab the key from the beginning of the level by the chest at the waterfall. That chest only has 1 in it, but you can save it for the one with 20.


  2. Something to add.. at the beginning, the waterfall behind the very first chest, bomb that and 5 baubles in there. It’s very quick to get now since they made waterspouts stationary.


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