GW2: The Warden / Picture Postcards From LA


Credit where credit is due: A LOT of lavish modeling and animation work went into this creature.

It’s just really too bad that a) Don’t Raid? = b) You’re Screwed is the equation where it comes to this sort of thing.

I miss Scarlet on the Breachmaker right about now.

GW2 had a really unique thing going there for Season 1.

(Beyond the false start of hammering signposts, by the end they seemed to have reached some sort of stride. Too bad it couldn’t last.)


This is probably the luckiest pop I have ever gotten from months of twice-weekly raid attendance. My ghostly infusion count = still 0. (Everyone else has gotten at least one and some lucky ones 3-4 by now.)

Super-timely mini pop of the most awesome boss model in there = 1.


Anyway, this postcard simulates the most common view of any raid boss.

One thought on “GW2: The Warden / Picture Postcards From LA

  1. We really, REALLY didn’t know when we were well off, did we? All that whingeing and complaining and what did it get us? Instanced personal story and instanced raids. Pathetic.

    I’m very pleased I blogged about Season 1 so I can go back and prove to myself that, yes, even at the time, I*did* enjoy it and appreciate it. If I’d known what was coming I’d have made a lot more noise about that instead of getting swept along in the “Mary Sue” tirade.

    I miss Scarlet.

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