GW2: A Starved, Bitter Explorer Says…

Melandru’s Refuge is probably the best fucking part of this update.


Thank you. That is all.



2 thoughts on “GW2: A Starved, Bitter Explorer Says…

  1. Bhagpuss says:

    I get the feeling you’re not happy about something but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

    • Jeromai says:

      I’m just sulking that the game has changed…somewhat… from its roots. I am unlikely to ever get over that vague sense of general disappointment and liable to spike anything I write about GW2 with a touch of grumpiness.

      I do like Melandru’s Refuge though. And just wanted to acknowledge it for being a nod to those who missed that kind of “secret tunnel leading to something cool” style exploration.

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