GW2: So What Did You Do On Feature Patch Day?


$10 and 30 gold later, I finally got around to updating my necromancer’s look for PvP and his PvE condition gear.

(Whose stat type I didn’t actually own before today, either. And I opened the two Tequatl’s Hoards I’d been hoarding, for a dagger and staff to go with my Wand of the Sunless.)

Worth it.

I didn’t really need that frost wasp axe or drum this month anyway. 😦

This patch has been fiendishly devious in terms of giving new lateral progression things to do.

There’s the new grandmaster trait unlocks, which I suppose will get done over time as one does temples and such.

There’s trying to relearn and get used to all the new UI changes and whatever the hell they’ve done in the traits/profession rebalance.

I fixed my major character’s traits back to what they were using, and it’s been…hmm, different and same.

My one-hand crit guardian seems to have escaped the worst of it, and feels like he’s even gotten better in low leveled areas, thanks to the improved downscaling of crit damage (erm, ferocity.) Of course, his main purpose is to exist in open world PvE areas and kill things very fast – no group support needed and the bare minimum of survivability, so that’s not very high requirements either way.

The axe/horn banner warrior may have lost a bit of dps, but since he wasn’t optimized for super-duper-100%-efficient DPS and went the more group support route instead, it doesn’t -feel- that different. Still yet to test it out in tougher content though, which will be crucial since he’s my dungeoneering and wurm-killing main. I may have actually lucked out by going for empowered allies and group banner support before this – what was once second best and merely decent now seems to be becoming part of the new meta, now that the old meta build had its feet and DPS kicked out under it.

My thief seems to have gotten the worst hit, I kept trying to stealth-backstab random mobs and going, what, IS THAT IT? Totally unscientific since I failed to record prior damage numbers before, but it didn’t -seem- to be hitting as lethally as before. Still yet to fix his shiny new account-bound WXP traits and test him out there, nor have I gotten around to the WvW asura guardian either.

My necromancer is a total mess stat and gear wise. A month ago, I took him out of his stopgap minion master axe/horn zerker build that helped me get through the norn and his dog in the Queen’s Gauntlet, and swapped him into an experimental death shroud/well power build for PvE, running a few easy dungeons as a test and change of pace. (Did passable to fine, didn’t get kicked.) At the same time, he was in Dhuumfire/terrormancer condi PvP build for mah dailies.

Today, I said, “Ok, today is the day I get him shiny new PvE condition gear and get him all set up looks-wise like my other mains.”

Except I somehow managed to edit my PvE traits while sitting in the Heart of the Mists pondering what would be functional for PvP (I blame the trait trainer who oh so helpfully offered to bring up my traits panel.) Thankfully, the PvP build copied itself off the PvE build, so I didn’t have to change it a second time and now BOTH builds are specced towards condition and bleeds and I’ve forgotten what the hell the dungeoneering power build was.

Then all my attention ended up in the wardrobe trying to design the new look.

Naturally, the only gloves that I wanted were those I didn’t have. (I really should have bought those toxic gloves. I hope they come back some day.)

Eventually, vanity won over frugality, and the remaining $10 in the month’s gem store budget went to buying Trickster armor for a pair of really neat gloves. (Granted, the rest of the armor doesn’t look half bad and I might be able to use pieces for my mesmer some day. Having the skins permanently available in the wardrobe really nudged me over the edge. Sorry, drum. Next month.)

Then I spent 30 gold on one miserable piece of T3 sylvari cultural armor, thinking I’d gotten really lucky that the cultural armor was the rabid stats I wanted. Only when I looked at the vendor, did I realize the blasted thing only had rare stats. Gah.

I’m feeling a bit too poor to buy one more chestpiece of exotic stats today, especially since it has also hit me that his jewellery is all still zerker.  Some day, but not today, I’m going to have to sit down, rummage through my bank and wallet and see what exotics or ascended of the right condition stats I can afford and fix that up properly, stats and runes/sigils and all.

For now, he’s sitting in a PvE limbo of neither condition or power. Bah.

There’s a dreamcleaver axe and staff skin waiting in the bank for his power build too, when I get around to designing a second look, when I actually figure out what his power build should be. *sigh*

All in good time, I suppose.

Feels like being pulled in a dozen directions at once, and being completely confused and penniless at the same time.

Who needs an expansion to shake things up when one dang feature patch is all it takes, eh?

6 thoughts on “GW2: So What Did You Do On Feature Patch Day?

  1. It IS an expansion, only with all the stuff I actually like about expansions left out and all the stuff I hate left in. Mrs Bhagpuss asked me this morning why ANet were doing all this and the main reasons I could come up with were

    1. They had to make a lot of changes for the Chinese release so since that work was done anyway, why not?

    2. Drive more business to the Gem Store

    3. MMO devs are pathologically incapable of leaving anything alone regardless of whether it works or is popular.

    On the Wardrobe, my firm opinion is that close to 100% of all armor above about level 60 looks vile and the “rarer” or more “special” it is the more hideous it becomes. The entire game is a process of watching young characters that look quite appealing gradually descend into some kind of drag-queen/panto dame/KISS tribute band self-parody hell.

    The new trait system looks ok. I rarely change mine so it’s a one-off refit then forget about it. I was amazed at the price of the new Elite skills on the vendor. I was genuinely expecting a minimum price of 50 gold and I thought it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to be priced the same as a Commander tag. At 3g a pop there is absolutely no point ever going out into the world to look for them.

    The “fix” they put in to make the Maw and Jungle Wurm events fit the new fixed calendar is risible. One of the laziest kludges I have ever seen in an MMO and that’s saying plenty.

    Haven’t been out with my full zerker Ele yet so no idea how badly her DPS has fared.

    Mrs Bhagpuss is fulminating about the changes to Dailies which she says are aimed at spoiling the game for casual players (which she seems to think is a group that includes her, a case that I would suggest would be hard to make given her hours played/achievement rating/2 accounts/8 level 80s half already in full ascended but I guess we all have our own definition of “casual” 😉

    Anyway, I’m going to do a bit of experimenting today, also take the temperature of reactions and blog about it later. First reactions, though, are a lot more negative than positive.


    1. The trait unlock costs would add up eventually. If you aren’t grandfathered in, it’s 43 gold and 360 skill points per character to get everything. So I’d probably be stingy and only buy the ones I wanted to use, which turns the “go back to town to reset points” annoyance into “go back to town to buy the trait guide.”

      Looking at the list on the Wiki at of what all the unlock criteria are for new characters, I’m surprised I hadn’t done them all already. I think I’d be 51/65.

      And I think everyone considers themselves “casual” in the same way that everyone considers themselves “middle-class.”


      1. That list.. wow… it is SO frustrating that so much group stuff is in there. So many story dungeons that I’ve already done enough! And the Orr temples! How are we supposed to do those when we have no way of knowing when those temple events are running due to the dumb megaservers and them removing the API? Really takes away most desire I had to continue leveling any characters.


        1. On one hand, I kinda think that they serve as rather interesting mini-goals, especially for that subset of players which keep clamoring on Reddit that they feel aimless and have nothing to do and can’t think up goals for themselves.

          On the other hand, it may end up as TOO many goals and lead to overwhelm. Not to mention, a few annoying ones – defeat the Overgrown Grub for last traitline XI? Wonder which poor profession has a trait that they really want in that slot….

          Bright side, there’s always the alternative of skipping ones you don’t want to do with gold, else I’d really be bitching about “forced” content. A reasonable alternative is always good.


  2. I spent it feeling more meh about the game. It’s so crowded everywhere now, don’t like the scheduled bosses, think they made a mistake making people kill world bosses for a trait (Grenth was a nightmare with so many people last night), seems greatsword isn’t one of the top weapons for warrior anymore (just got Sunrise a few months ago)… I know I’m being a negative Nancy. And after all this hype over this feature patch, we still only have the same world boss rotation and dungeons to play and skins to grind.

    I love Tyria. I love the art style. I love the combat. I want to be having fun in this game. IBut I’m not so much and that sucks. :/

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