GW2: Wild Story Theory

What if…

… we will soon use the fractals to go back in time to blow up the Thaumanova Reactor ourselves, releasing the Elder Dragons’ magic upon this world…

… because if we didn’t…

the alternate consequence of the Thaumanova Reactor succeeding would have been a world that harnessed its energy and developed magitech / steampunk technology…

… resulting in a particular Mysterious Stranger who would have conquered that world as Grand High Sovereign of a Conclave (an alliance of all races for villainy?)

And might we just look this particular Mysterious Stranger in the face during the (soon-to-come?) Battle for Divinity’s Reach and find out that it is ourselves…

*chants PERSONAL Nemesis*

8 thoughts on “GW2: Wild Story Theory

  1. I played the infinity ball scenario and thought it was pretty cool! Not sure how they’d work in around for a non-asura though… or for an asura that’s already beaten their counterpart? 😛


    1. Well, that act of the Grand High Sovereign attacking a lowbie asura might have been the last thing he ever did, after all his plans were defeated.

      Or there were -multiple- parallel worlds created at some point. The guy does say “Just so you know, killing myself is not something I enjoy.” That sorta suggests he might have done the killing myself thing before? Perhaps I’m reading too much into one phrase…

      As for a non-asura, if you look at the Split Second story, you could fit in a non-asura in the role of the Grand High Sovereign perfectly well. It might just be sneaky masking that everyone involved in the story at that point happened to be asura. But multi-racialness and races working in unison have been happening all over since then.


      1. Would be possible and quite cool too I think. Just hope that our nemesis/nemeseseses(?) didn’t get Liadri-tech! I seriously question why Liadri didn’t just wipe out Zhaitan herself. x.x

        As to the aetherblade/steam creature connection – during one of the escort the overdue emissary to the balloon event in the Gendarran fields (the one closest to LA) after beating two groups of aether pirates the final ambush group near the balloon site was….

        you guessed it. Steam critters. Kinda caught me off guard actually. They aren’t really native to the area… Haven’t seen this spawn with any of the other balloons I visited. Just thought I’d share! 🙂


  2. Actually, now that I’ve seen the mysterious sylvari I’m inclined to believe you. It’s not our dimensional clone that is the personal nemesis. It’s gender swapped Trahearne. >.<


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