4 thoughts on “GW2: Now Here’s Something We Haven’t Seen In a Long Time…

  1. I just noticed you’re posting this from the future. Is that a time zone thing?

    And the picture – I can’t actually see what it is. I even copied it to Paint.net and resized it by 200% but it goes so blurry that I still have no idea what it’s meant to show.

    I’m guessing it’s the new event? If so, what are we seeing there that we haven’t seen for a long time? I can’t say from experience because I waited with 50 people in Timberline Falls for an hour for something to happen and eventually when nothing did I went to WvW for a while and then logged out.

    You don’t mean a PvE zerg, do you? We’ve had those on the first few days of every event in this sequence so far – although I guess this will be the first one that moves from one location to another. Are you equating it to the Scarlet Invasions, maybe?

    Please clarify!


    1. It’s a timezone thing.

      And yes, I do mean a PvE zerg. Of the map wide variety. Similar to the Scarlet invasions, indeed.

      The previous current events were much more localised in a small region.


      1. I finally managed to get onto one of the events this morning and now I see exactly what you mean! Huge zerg, really much bigger than anything I’ve seen outside WvW, probably since LS1. Felt great!

        I took some screenshots – will probably post about it later if i have time. Good direction for the game in my opinion.


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