TSW: The 0th Impression

Found a The Secret World weekend beta invite key in my mailbox yesterday.

Either signing up for that ARG thing finally paid off (except I don’t remember if the email I used was the same), or having an Age of Conan account once upon a time has its perks.

It’s the super public last beta weekend #4 before launch, so I don’t feel special or anything. But hey, if you give me a free trial, I will most likely look at it, if only so I can comment intelligently about it later.

My hard disk space is currently suffering from a surfeit of too much Steam, so it was quite a job to delete enough away to leave 15 gb free – which is what the mail or the website told me to have on hand.

The client downloader has been running for over 24 hours now. Suffice to say, it’s not making a great impression at the moment.

~8 hours ago:


~30 mins ago:

I just cleared 5 more gigabytes for it.

At last update before this blog post, it is happily on 16.4gb.

I will probably give up at 25 gb.

(And I’m running 32-bit Win XP, so I’m prepared for the Mayan Apocalypse even if I get the client up and running. Stay tuned this weekend to see if first impressions are ever forthcoming.)