GW2: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

This post goes out to all those ADD fools who run off the very moment a Dynamic Event ends.

Presumably in the search for more xp and more rewards, though if they just hung around and followed the NPC a little more, they’d likely find either another DE popping up or a reward vendor at the end of the chain.

I suppose they belong to the same family of folks who will dash off the moment they take a keep, leaving it unbuilt and undefended for the ex-defenders (whom you just ran off the walls and just killed, remember?) to respawn and rush back with rams to retake it once more.

(Some days, I feel like transferring off this server, but I have this hunch that it’s not going to get any better whichever place I go.)

Patience, and a little following through of a DE chain, or just stopping to smell the roses and enjoy the details would go such a long way.

Okay, not every reward vendor has tangible, “valuable” rewards. Some of them are just shapechange or environmental item toys, but I’ve found skale venom which applies periodic weakness and fire elemental powder which gives one an Ember pet and it’s pretty useful in a pinch, or when fighting a pack of veteran mobs or a skill point challenge mob where you’re not sure of the outcome.

And you’ll miss this:

He only sings it at the end of his escort DE, you’ll have to follow him back to the base where he’ll burst into song.


I can’t believe the video (not mine) only has 240 odd views as of this post. Obviously, of the million or so people playing Guild Wars 2, those who are of the level to get to the DE and bothered to follow it back to the end, in order to know what to search for: NOT ENOUGH.