ATITD: Project Raeli Complete!

And at long last:

Step 3) Gleefully combine all the accumulated Raeli Oven materials in one place

Running home with a pocket full of 500 Cement, I threw the 10 Cement into the temporary Raeli Oven storage warehouse and ran over to my Clinker Vat to mix up a batch of plaster.

50 extra gypsum, 50 Cement and some Water in Jugs later, I had 500 Plaster. Woot!

Then it was time for the grand build.

With some trepidation, I made a Small Construction Site in my planned location next to my compound with 1 Canvas and 4 Rope. I was a bit afraid that it might be too near to the one across the road, but it allowed to make it with no problems. What a relief.

Also fairly surprising was the fact that no one had swiped that location to build their own Raeli Oven previously. I suppose most people are civil enough to avoid drama with such an action – as baking Raeli Ovens can pollute the area. Someone else having an oven might have an impact on the flax growing in the area, which would be unpleasant for the person living there.

Since it’s mine, I’ll screw up my own flax growing when I choose to. I figure I can always walk a bit when I need to grow more flax.

My warehouse was close by since I scored my ideal location, and it was a simple matter to take everything from the warehouse, load myself up, and then load in all the items one by one into the Small Construction Site / Future Raeli Oven.

You will not believe how much I’m jumping around, squeeing with glee inside. I’m ecstatic to finally own one of these things. Mine, my own. Built with my own two hands from scratch. (Albeit with some help for the group-based raw materials.)

I’ve always had access to Raeli Ovens through fortunate socializing with veterans kind enough to let me into their guild (and for them, these Raelis are part and parcel of the mid-game, they spend a long time building up resources to plunk down a good many multiples in various regions for various colors) and through the kindness of public Raeli ovens built by ATITD altruists.

But it distinctly feels different. The equipment is not yours to do with as you like, you’re always mindful that you have to share and likely bow aside for the veterans to finish up first (because after all, it’s theirs, and it wouldn’t be at all polite to hog what is not yours) and you’re left feeling a bit like a free gift beneficiary – thankful, but not really an equal.

Now if only I knew how to operate it.

It’s going to take me the rest of the month to figure it out, I bet.

I got it going, and came back 12 hours later to find 67 pathetic tiles inside. I suspect I’m meant to watch it for at least ten minutes after starting to make sure there’s a good rate of return before walking off. I was just really sleepy then though.

And I gather that efficiency in tile creation is probably affected by the Raeli Operation skill that will eventually increment after lots and lots of starting and stopping of one. Welp, practice makes perfect. I got all month and more.

It’s mine, all mine, mwahahaha.

So what’s next after this? I could follow in the footsteps of the veterans and attempt to rinse and repeat and do it all over again to litter the world with ovens in search of more colors.

(Mine is presently trending toward green-ish.)

*shudders* Probably not. I’ll work on incrementing the fleet slowly as a sidelong long-term thing. I’ve got lots of other things in ATITD that I intend to catch up on.