An Elegy For WAR

Chaos swallows all things in the end...

In the beginning
there was the blogosphere
much furor and fanfare
And “bears, bears, bears”

a public war waged
on goldsellers and bots
Banhammer wielded
with nary a thought

My Marauder was cool
his multipurpose arm
a triple-changing tool


But asymmetry and class balance
mixed much like oil and water
Bright Wizards and Warrior Priests
Need more be said?
Lambs to a slaughter

Thematically, Destruction
an alliance of disparate parts

fit much like an orc in a pleasure house

Petty, pretty Legolases

Why would they fly their banner with brutes?

For Chaos, the glory of naked men

The Tome of Knowledge
Inspired, but ill-explored
PvPers do not read
Thick encyclopedias


Public quests, much publicized
held hostage to the holy trinity
seen only by local leveling eyes

Castle sieges promised splendour

But the machinery proved merely scenery

How were we to defend from that?
If only I had a superior arrow cart...

So two zergs ate each others’ leavings
but never met

Yes, once, there were zergs

but Oceania is ever whimsical
and the crowds washed away
in mere months
lag and engine troubles
ended an endgame
‘ere it bloomed

The players left the open world
for closeted playgrounds
fun in short spurts
Scenarios full of sound and fury
signifying very little in the end


Six levels shy of max
I asked myself
if there was reason to repeat
more of the same
to simply increment a number
for the sake of slaying someone
with an even higher number

The rest is history


T’was only sound on paper
It did not do well, crushed
between an age of barbarians and winged daevas
attracting attention away


The problem with subscriptions
For most, there can be only one