GW2: This Is How RNG Superstitions Are Made

After seven days of barely logging into GW2, just long enough to get dailies done and the odd dungeon or two, I found myself bored on a Saturday afternoon and not feeling in the mood for any other game.

“Self,” said I, “you haven’t set foot in the Crown Pavilion in a week, and while it’s probably a bad time to find a good Boss Blitz at 4am NA time, you do have some two hundred tickets that need converting into festival tokens.”

So I walked into a random Crown Pavilion map and bashed on Halmi a couple times.

I got to about 49 Gauntlet Chances before utter boredom from repetition set in, and decided to stop for the day before it got to the point of “feeling obligated” grind.

Opened them without really looking, fully expecting 49 tokens, and oh hey, a Toxic krait hybrid whatsit miniature popped among the last few Chances opened.

“Guess they really did improve drop rates some,” I mumbled to myself as I checked the TP price for it. (I already got the original during Tower of Nightmares.)

“Bah, barely 1 gold.”

Shrugging, I dumped it into my bank stash instead and went to repair.

(Little known fact for you high FPS people, Halmi’s model doesn’t render very quickly when you’re at 13 FPS with a zerg underneath you trying to kill Pyroxis or Sparcus, which makes predicting a telegraphed attack from an invisible model “interesting.” One usually just blinds and blocks in sequence and hopes for the best.)

Then I did a double take in the sell window. Or maybe it was the sell tab from the TP… I was just in clean-inventory-before-logging-off mode and not really paying attention.

What is this PINK item that is in my inventory?

That has the words “Chaos” and “Lyssa” in it?!

Cue a minute of perplexed bag scanning and searching (yes I keep a bunch of crap in my bags) before I finally found a Recipe: Chaos of Lyssa having nestled itself somewhere between the various gear sets I own, minis and random gathering resources that no longer fit into the stash.

Cue very surprised blinking, “when did THAT turn up?” and quick switching to the chat tab that logs game messages and keeps track of loot, to discover that the sneaky thing popped on the 5th bag I opened.

5th bag out of 49 Gauntlet Chances that day.

Holy @#$#!@

I guess they did up the drop rate!

Or did they?

I stared at the TP price for the Chaos of Lyssa recipe for a little while longer…

… read the item description one more time…

“Many have eyes, but few have seen. Of all here, you saw the beauty behind the illusion. And you alone shall be blessed with My gifts. – Scriptures of Lyssa, 45 BE ”

… and then I ate it.

This is how suckers for collecting like me are never going to get rich.

You know what they say about being a sucker for a pretty face...
You know what they say about being a sucker for a pretty face…

All good.

That’s 22 more days of a lot less stress.

And my mesmer will look really pretty one day if I ever get around to leveling him again.

So here’s another one of those confirmational anecdotal stories about how you should just say “eff you, diminishing returns,” log off for a fortnight, come back to the game and pop a precursor or something.

Fine print: I take no responsibility if you get nuthing.