GW2: Sigh, I’m Not Sure Why I Even Bother Trying

Remember that plea for less latency reliant jumping puzzles?


Didn’t happen.

113 apparently arbitrary wind blowbacks and counting.

Also, it is nigh impossible to jump with any precision when your character gets stuck in the fallen flat position.

GW2: Well, This Will Take A While…

(Spoiler warning: One pic of the final boss fight in the personal story mission “The Source of Orr.”

Doesn’t give away much but how part of the room looks and what an Eye of Zhaitan looks like.)

I’m just pissed off that it’s buggy.

It’s the same effect that is currently plaguing the Garrison keep lord in WvW.

I’m going for lunch, Trahearne. You don’t mind, do you?

It’s not a bad fight in theory. There seem to be a couple phases and patterns to figure out, (swiftness and teleports help, imo) and it was going well until one of the invulnerable buffs they throw on him to let him speak refuses to wear off.

The only thing to do then is to walk out the door, let Trahearne teleport to you and free up the boss, who happily goes back to 100% health.

Happened twice now, once at 95% and the other at 40% of his hp.

I’m going for lunch, then giving it another try.

It’s slow going for me, I don’t want to give up my current skill layout to be a bit more swift and mobile just yet – a staff for a Guardian seems to be the only reliable source of on-demand swiftness, but the rest of the skills are fairly useless here – so there’s a lot of wading slowly through fire between phases. Nothing supremely lethal, just slow going.

A few more times of this, and I really will just pull out a book and read for an hour to see if the buff wears off.