Hilariously Objectionable Content

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I tried to pop over to Bhagpuss’ blog on my iPad, and found this message:


Bhagpuss’ site? You must be kidding me.

(To give it some context, our nanny state occasionally decides that certain websites are of questionable moral fibre and symbolically – since they acknowledge they can’t exactly stop the entire ‘Net in its tracks – blocks them, courtesy of MDA – the Media Development Authority.

This irregular censorship has led to some hilarity where the computer games industry is concerned. Mass Effect was briefly banned for a cutscene involving potential lesbian sex – aka two ladies on top of each other with no nudity, while other games cheerfully snuck right by. The Secret World, for example, shows the exact same thing in the introduction, but I guess no one told MDA.

The entire debacle led to considerable global ridicule – not that they weren’t doing a great job by themselves with this “rap”…

…and presumably there must have been some behind-the-scenes squabbling as the sheer weight and economic power of the video games industry – did your country want money/investment/educational opportunities or not – came down on some paper and pencil pushers.

The long and short of it was some hemming and hawwing as the ban was withdrawn, sparing the ministry from the wrath of countless EA fans, and a rating system put in place where they could safely shovel the fuzzy ground of items they couldn’t ban outright into M18 territory.)

But back to the topic of today… BHAGPUSS? His blog? Blocked? Wtf? What kind of music did he post… or what…? Why?

It wasn’t actually a full block. I swapped over to the Feedly app and it brought up his site and his recent posts.

Turns out the PC browser shows his blog just fine as well.

It’s just something ridiculously weird going on with the iPad and the ISP, I presume.

But I found it ridiculously funny to guess at what triggered some automatic robot AI somewhere to object strenuously to his latest posts.

Let’s see.

Last posted 7h ago. An article regarding Lunar New Year in GW2, where you open red packet envelopes and get “cash money up front” and “it’s definitely not gambling.”

Yep. Definitely a scam all right.

Time to protect all those vulnerable people out there from this dastardly ploy against the public interest.

Just you wait, I’m a’ gonna get my own blog blocked at this rate.

Wonder how long it’ll take for our glorious bureaucracy to figure it out.

5 thoughts on “Hilariously Objectionable Content

  1. Hahahaha! Thanks for bringing my appalling behavior to light. I’d have gotten away with my dastardly scheme, too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky censorbots.

    We don’t have that kind of overt censorship over here but I have had a few occasions where overzealous anti-social-media software I employ has thrown a fit about perfectly inocent gaming blogs. Ironiocally, I think even the word “gaming” can cause issues over here, where it’s a widely-used synonym for “gambling”. Come to think of it, I believe “gaming” is the legal term for gambling.

    I’m kinda surprised if none of the music videos I’ve posted have been blocked, though. I guess bots don’t listen to the lyrics, just the titles.


    1. Chinese New Year is around the corner, so I guess there must have been a proliferation of gambling or scam sites someone somewhere wanted to take out in one fell swoop.

      The poor poor bot, though, it must have gotten triggered so hard between “presents”, “money”, “addictive”, “rewards”, “profit”, “gold”, “windfall”, “eight”, “magic”, “lucky”, and so on.

      Strangely, it just does not like the homepage. Navigating to the article with a direct link works fine. Symbolic blocking of gambling webpages for the win, I guess.


  2. We have dark times ahead. The craziness is now in full motion in the US and deplatforming and censoring everyone and everything considered objectionable will become the new norm, with the bar being set lower and lower and lower…….Glad I’m self-hosting even if it’s a hassle at times! I do believe personal blogs may see a revival rather soon too, once it’s become too idiotic and restrictive to be on social media.


    1. I wouldn’t be too bleak at this stage. I meant the post as a commentary more on incompetence and AI “intelligence” than censorship as a theme.

      Further exploration has revealed someone (or more likely, something) has blocked http://bhagpuss.blogspot.com (likely because that’s the url scraped up by Google) but https://bhagpuss.blogspot.com is going right through.

      As long as incompetence reigns (and I have about as much full confidence in the US government functionality as our current bureaucracy), we are pretty safe. It’s when folks get a little too competent (say, in some other countries I would rather not mention), then shit gets dark, quickly.


      1. For some reason, I thought you lived in Brazil.

        But Bhagpuss is right. Most net nannies can’t distinguish between gaming as in casinos and gaming as in video games, or even tabletop games. I had my own blog blocked from work in the past, even when I could post from work.


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