Boundless: Home Upgrades

As predicted, it took the better part of the weekend and some of the following week, but the home base build is over.


For now.

As -not- predicted, but not completely unexpected, no plan survives contact with the enemy.


The initial L-shaped space-saving configuration had to be re-adapted when I discovered some of the power coils would not agree to be placed so close to the protruding machine block.

Cue the long sigh when I realized there was a reason why veteran Boundless players put their machines in straight 4×1 row, either horizontally or vertically.


So now I either lived with my machines sticking out by 1 block, narrowing the comfortable 3 block corridor space into a claustrophobic squeeze…

…or I re-did the room configuration, hammering down all placed machines, wires (spark links) and blocks.

Fueled by an excess of optimism and desire for future proofing, I decided to re-do.

Readers with a little more forward thinking might have realized the problem I ran headlong into ten minutes later, after having ripped up all the blocks.


Yeah, insufficient floor space. Making each machine now 4 blocks long, instead of 3 blocks long, meant extending the width of the -entire- building by at least 6 blocks.

Cue a little half-scream, half-resigned sigh; one character switch to the crafter alt to buy more plots with (thankfully) sufficient free cubits, and several hours of hammering down one entire wall, flattening the ground of the new plots, scrounging around for more colored building blocks and extending floor, ceiling, wall and lights.

On the bright side, it is now built to satisfaction.


I’ve been moving in the advanced power coils slowly and steadily. They currently cost about 975-1000 coin (c) per block, which seems comparatively cheap for the amount of effort and bottleneck to build them for oneself.

In comparison, gem tools for low tier world digging costs 3000-4000c, while high tier worlds range from 6000-9000c. My earning power from modest gathering and selling to fulfill various niches range from 4000-9000c every 1-3 hours.

Call me insane, but I’d much rather go out into the wilderness to cut plants or make diggy diggy holes underground than stare at my storage and inventories and moving things from one square to another and pressing “craft” buttons and waiting for minutes and hours.

At least I get to see cool things while wandering outdoors. Like this ice FIELD of so much white gleam.
This is about pushing the limits of my capacity to sort inventories.

Granted, Boundless is -very- good at encouraging a fair amount of willingness to sort inventories.

I am very much an open storage type of person, as opposed to closed storage, so seeing all my stuff arranged in neat colors at the end of the process is quite inspirational.


I am nowhere near to the obsessive level of more veteran players, as much as I enjoy wandering through their bases to marvel at their extreme organization.

Very much NOT my base. All metals and metal products in columns. All block colors filed by individual -worlds- in the storage on the left in the background.
I can more or less follow the same example for metals. Mostly less.
This is just wild, though. That’s a lot of furnaces to keep running simultaneously. For now, I can get by with processing my stuff sequentially, because I just start it firing and then forget it, having wandered out of base to do other things in the meantime. Also, the closed storage system makes me twitch. I can’t trust there’s -really- iron in there like the sign says, unless i can -see- the iron.

The old home cottage has been converted into a semi-casual garden / starberry vine growing shed.


It is not at all any optimal farm by any means – there’s plenty of time to learn about farming and for those kinds of layouts later. I just enjoy the overgrown naturalistic look.

In other news, I found a player’s hideaway that also embraces the nature/plant aesthetic to colossal extremes.



I have no idea how the player finds their way around. It’s a massive structure built into an entire hill. But it certainly looks very pretty.

One of these days, I’d like to steal some of these ideas and do something similar in Minecraft, where my efforts would be more accessible to me (as opposed to saved on someone else’s server.) But man, these are huge builds, and I have no idea how to even get started on something like that. I build hobbit holes in comparison.


With the Boundless base completed to the point of functionality, I’ve been trying to feel my way around to other goals.

I did enough exploration mining and leveling up to get skills to the point where I can comfortably access gold, silver and titanium ores. I mass-crafted the first batch of basic titanium tools the other day – at 10 produced each mass craft, they should last me a decent while. That saves 250c a titanium tool (which, imo, is still damn cheap a player price for the amount of time taken.)

I am beginning to worry about gems and gem tools. I am nowhere near the established player efficiency rate for digging out gems. Prices are more than a little depressed as a result, while the effort I have to put in is a lot more significant.

It usually feels a lot easier to just buy the damn tools – but that is dependent on other players’ logging in enough time to produce enough tools to meet demand. (A demand that will no doubt rise as more Humble Bundle Boundless players start to hit that tier, assuming they continue to linger in the game.)

Attaining self-sufficiency would also have to involve mastering the centraforge – aka an extra enchantment system. The system involves a mind-melting amount of ingredients – all of which have to be crafted – and involves some RNG in the process, which also means waste. To top it off, it is best run by a character alt with skills specialized to run it well.

That’s… very much like trying to build a GW2 legendary. A long term project.

In the meantime, it took more than two days and multiple mining trips, but I finally accumulated enough rough diamonds to start my first mass craft.


From there, one still has to refine the compact diamond into -refined- diamonds, and then produce diamond tools out of them. And they will only be basic diamond tools, which can only mine one block, as contrasted with the 3×3 centraforged ones on sale.

We’ll see. It’s slow going. I’m about level 46, and quite aware that my generalist explorer/miner/gatherer is still too spread out skill-wise to really specialize in mining high tier worlds efficiently.

Once I hit max level of 50, there is the possibility of opening up a new skill page to spread the skills in a more specialist manner, say… explorer/gatherer on one and pro miner on another. But one would still need to level up further to accumulate more skill points. Blech.

I also started a hunter character alt because all the mining without a break was boring me out of my skull. That one as a specialist combat character is fairly promising – managing to solo level 2 meteorites on a Tier 3 world with simply a twinked out diamond slingbow weapon and no extra buffs or healing potion/brews. The world of buff consumables is another thing I have yet to look into. They all seem to involve so much crafting, and crafting in excess amounts to be efficient.

One is beginning to feel the limits of the Boundless sandbox.

Yes, I can still progress along at a slower pace.

Yes, I still want to, and fully intend to spend some time just exploring planets and mapping.

How else will I encounter bizarrely beautiful sights like this?

It’s not at all profitable by any means, as opposed to farming/gathering/mining chores to sell to other players to earn enough coin to buy stuff I might want.

I -could- choose to take on another self-assigned building project. That is an easy path to lots of sub-goals, but the end product may not yield as much return as choosing other opportunities.

The activities are going to be similar to what I’ve already done, perhaps in different surroundings, at different paces. How much repetition I want to indulge in, and at what frequency, is up to me and is likely going to slow and plateau from the initial beginner craze.

Also, Warframe Nightwave season 3 apparently just launched last week, so I might be a week behind on that front and may need to put some time into -that- as well.

Meanwhile, the streamers are all going nuts on Terraria latest and last update Journey’s End. There’s another building sandbox. This one personal to boot. I’m just pretending it doesn’t exist in my known world yet.


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