GW2: No Quarter Trailer

Looks tentatively promising.

Story development; lots of exciting combat action; actually using a open world map zone for a map wide meta; lots of armor sets to counter the commenters who whine about lack of armor when they see new weapons (new charr helmets, omg, I want); strike mission that is presumably less restrictive than the other “r” word.

Maybe ArenaNet is finally being ArenaNet instead of trying to be yet another cookie cutter MMO.

Guess we’ll see. Mostly dead inside, but perhaps a faint burning ember of hope can be kindled.

(Of course, Anet being Anet, everything could break, bug out and the servers might lag endlessly, ruining the entire understandably-temporarily-voiceless experience even further. Gotta protect that teeny spark of eternal hope with a nice crusty layer of realistic pessimism.)

One thought on “GW2: No Quarter Trailer

  1. I had all but given up hope for GW2 last summer but ever since they rebranded Living Story/World as a “Saga” things have been slowly and steadily improving. The story content is more accessible, the new maps are less samey, there’s some originality (the Charr rock concert is something I actually haven’t seen done in other MMOs although I imagine it has been) and the general all-round attitude has been significantly more casual-friendly and inclusive. I’m guessing that’s down to personnel changes in upper management and a tighter grip being exerted by NCSoft.

    I was only thinking earlier today that my real problem with the game now is that I’ve been playing it for eight years with no significant breaks. That’s really not happened in the twenty years I’ve been playing MMORPGs. It’s just too long for any one game to sustain interest, I think. I’ve been playing a lot of EQII this year because it’s getting better and better, sure, but also because I’ve had a long break from playing it *as my main game*. I think my interest in GW2 is benefitting from my having stepped away from it for a while.

    That WvW with NPC armies map looks very interesting though. We’ll have to see how that goes.


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