Boundless: Now You’re Thinking With Portals

Today’s Boundless adventure, after making copper tools and a grappling hook, was running around to check out existing player builds on my planet.

Someone’s “modest” little farm fields… I should get more ambitious when I build in Minecraft.
Without a doubt, far more than I will ever build on my own.
No more words, just ran around ogling at buildings instead.
There was also an interior to this cathedral. (Which I unfortunately screnshot with UI on, it was selling high tier weapons.)


Sometime shortly after, I discovered a whole string of player-run portal networks linking up various points of interest, both locally and on a planetary scale.



Obviously, the gigantic megaportal was too tempting to pass up.


Turns out that it led to an airport-like portal megahub run by Ultima Guild, aka the Ultima Network.


The attention to detail is mind-blowing. Notice they show you exactly what type and color of blocks are found within each planet that the portal is linked to.






Yes, you can visit all the various regions’ planets, subject to the latency there.

The US worlds stayed at a pretty sedate 220ms, which is normal for my geographical location, and that’s a good sign. (FAR better than what GW2 has been offering these days. *coughs*)

Of course, the highest tier worlds with the most hazardous challenge also reward the most glowy and special of blocks.



Definitely not at those levels yet, so I noped out of those.

Instead I just ran through some of the level 1 and level 2 world portals at complete random with no idea where I was going or where I was going to end up.

I wore out my screenshot key a little while thereafter.









Thankfully, there is a free way to warp back to one’s home beacon (by returning to the Sanctum lobby and using the warp conduit there) because I was thoroughly lost by the end of it.

This place is a builder’s paradise. (Albeit with presumably insane amounts of grind to earn the colored building blocks, as opposed to, say, the ease and unlimited palette of Minecraft’s Creative Mode.)

I suppose if I end up staying around it’ll be worth mapping the portals slowly and figuring out what links where and what’s there. Who knows. Or I could just be a filthy casual and stumble around at random whenever I get the urge to see pretty things.

Either way, it’s been definitely worth the visit.


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