Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention

You know your blog is old when you trawl through the WordPress themes and realize your chosen design is obsolete.

2013 didn’t seem that old.

I could probably have gone on another six more years without changing a thing.

Except that the new super duper ultrawidescreen monitor now takes super duper ultrawidescreen screenshots.

And I get triggered every time I try to look at my blog with teeny weeny narrow panoramic pictures crammed into what seems like a mere 650 pixels of column width.


Hence the search for a new theme that can support much wider resolutions.

There are a -lot- of WordPress themes. Clicking through all of them is extremely depressing. Especially when you scroll allll the way down to read the summary and find out the column width is X much pixels. (Where X is a pretty small number.)

None of them quite work how I’d really like. Nor do I have the mental bandwidth to customize my own right now.

Eventually settled on this one. Mostly by prioritizing overhanging images. Which narrows down the options from 140+ free things to 5, none of them perfect.

There will be some transition pains, no doubt. Pardon the dust and all that.

But the bright side is there will be a lot more pretty pictures. Of a size that doesn’t necessitate a magnifying glass.