One thought on “The Mistakes of the Past

  1. I haven’t played GW2 all week and I haven’t missed it. I was already only doing dailies and a little WvW. Even before that I was mainly playing because Mrs Bhagpuss was. Now she’s moved into a real-life crafting phase that means she’s not playing GW2 at all, I find I’m far more interested in new shiny TOR or older favorites like EQ2.

    GW2 is a wonderful MMORPG in many ways. I got seven years out of it and probably five of those were good years. It has very serious problems with long-term sustainabilty, though. It has no viable vertical progression when compared to MMOs designed for it and yet horizontal progression is horribly absent. With a huge team, ANet have managed to produce less than half the content needed to keep people interetsed and most of what they have produced has become increasingly rote and tedious.

    Fortunately, GW2 is not a game anyone needs to play all the time. I’m not quitting. I’m just moving to a “play it when something new happens” mode. Although, if and when anyone actually launches a good, new MMORPG, even good, new content in GW2 might not be enough to get my attention.


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