New Plains of Eidolon


Completely unexpectedly (at least for me, since I don’t follow Warframe devstreams religiously – something I should endeavor to change eventually, given the phenomenal effort of Digital Extremes communication – stream + summary on their -own- websites, wot is this, I don’t even… I’m not used to actually checking an actual game’s own website for useful information, dammit) I logged into Warframe to find out that the Plains of Eidolon had been remastered.

Honestly, the Plains already looked so good before, that I can barely tell the difference. The trees look better. I think. Possibly the water.


More relevant are probably the changes on the game side of things to apply lessons learnt from Venus’ Orb Vallis and make things more equivalent. Missions can be run from inside the Plains entire now (though this change seemed to have gone in before the full remaster).

The Arcanes are now just bought straight up like how Venus does it, rather than through extra grindy earn-blueprint-earn-resources-craft-actual-arcane sequences… something that should eventually matter to me, but not just yet since I don’t own a single Arcane.

There’s a new Tusk Thumper enemy roaming about, that is slightly annoying to solo because two of the weak points are always on the back and the Thumper desperately wants to face forward on the only player around. Blowing it up drops PoE specific resources, which is a nice alternative/extra bonus to -having- to do all the requisite mining/fishing/crafting activities to progress.

Animal conservation has also apparently made its way into the Plains. Not something I’ve tried yet, but I did find the activity semi-enjoyable on Venus, so it should be fairly fun here in prettier and less snowy surroundings.

My focus in Warframe is still razor beelined onto earning enough Nightwave standing to make it to the very end.

It’s had me be a little more hardcore than I’d like (aka not sure how much interest will be left to do the same thing in a future Nightwave), since the really hard missions beyond my level and do shit with friends/clan are automatically out for me.

But I am appreciating the first time attempting such a medium to long term goal in Warframe because like any good daily/weekly system, it encourages a player to branch out and possibly try things they haven’t done before.

In prior weeks, I’ve had to learn about the whole animal conservation thing, and do Sanctuary things for Cephalon Simaris and earned enough standing to upgrade my scanner.

I’ve done spy missions, something I normally deeply dislike attempting on account of being unfamiliar with map layouts and usually triggering an alarm 80% of the time.

Every derelict vault task is a good excuse to saddle myself up with handicaps and run a few vaults, thus making decent progress earning new corrupted mods. (I actually got Heavy Caliber for my Ignis Wraith that way, huzzah.)

This weekend, it has been trying to find and learn the Halls of Ascension on Lua. There were a lot of failed attempts. I finally gave up and decided to use Loki, which I’d had to brush up and improve for animal conservation purposes and spy missions. I spent about 3 missions just running around invisible LOOKING for the correct rooms and trying to match them against fuzzy video guides, trying to feel out patterns in room connection.

After finding them, there was actually attempting to do them. The cunning drift one murderized my Loki repeatedly. Like a stubborn fool, I kept trying to do it and failed a mission once after dying four times. Then I found and did it again in the next mission and somehow lucked into a completion after 3 deaths. The agility drift one took around 30-40 mins of sad attempts at jumping, repeating it over and over until each new phase was more or less mastered. I screwed up attempting to cheat at the endurance drift one with spoiler mode, and did not screw up the spoiler mode shortcut on the stealth drift one (yay!).

Suffice to say, some completely new drift mods were obtained, after a great deal of pain. Presumably the next time this task turns up, I will be just a tinge better at it. Eventually. Over time.

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