LFG: I Want to Talk / Silence is OK

Random thought inspired by a discussion about an LFG tool in an MMO I don’t even play:

What if our LFG finders had two radio buttons with the options

  • Prefer talking
  • Prefer silence

Would both see equal use? Or at least sufficient people opting for either option that both would be functional?

Would the social be able to find similarly oriented people and have great conversations as they do the group content, or would it just be full of too many chatterers and not enough listeners?

Would the group content of the talkers slow down because they’re spending additional time conversing, or would it conversely speed up because they’re actually communicating strategies and getting everyone on the same page faster?

Would the silent group gather a disproportionate number of ‘lazy’ players who can’t be arsed talking and would they gel naturally without words into a model of speedrun efficiency or devolve into an uncoordinated uncommunicative mess?

7 thoughts on “LFG: I Want to Talk / Silence is OK

  1. The “Prefer Silence” group would be relentlessly trolled by people who would talk non-stop is my guess. Not sure it would actually be possible to troll the “Prefer Talk” group by keeping quiet but no doubt plenty would try.


    1. Alas, you’re probably right. The option would have zero effect in the face of players who would spam both to get into whichever one pops faster, and continue on their merry silent/talkative way.

      To do the experiment properly would require some kind of locked choice where it is not possible to change settings until 24 hours later or something…


    2. This could be countered, as “talking a lot” is machine-measurable. If someone talks more words than two sigmas of the average of the non-talkers, he can be banned from the “don’t talk” channel.


    1. You’ll be surprised how many people I have blocked for spammy all caps or turned the volume down on!

      …says the person who has also developed an ALL CAPS HUMOROUS EXCLAMATION habit from an online friend.


  2. Interesting thought. Sadly I imagine that groups wanting to chat would be trolled. But I love getting into a group where players so much as say hi. Even that is rare today.


  3. Overwatch does this for their LFG System, although it’s for voice chat. From experience, if you jump into a talk group and don’t say something in time, the group leader will often just kick you.


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