Long Term Lament

These past few weeks, I have been at that point in my game playing where everything is a long term multi-project goal.

It does not quite help that work is also at that stage where I am needed to keep track of what seems like several hundred moving parts and respond to / alert others whenever several of these parts drop or fall through the cracks or worse, cause a cascading chain reaction of problems.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t unpleasant.

I’m getting better at breaking down stuff into doable tasks, a case of game imitating life and vice versa. I’m still struggling with getting comfortable (and patient) with the idea that long term multi-project things cannot be finished in a day, even if I work at it really hard and hurry hurry hurry in a hardcore fashion, but I’m working on it.

No, what does leave me feeling discombobulated is that I barely remember the tiny little bits of progress that I eke out every day.

Because they’re scattered across too many games / work issues.

I’m always left feeling like I -did- get stuff done, but I’m not exactly sure what; I look up one day and oh, it seems like game task A & B and work issues 1, 2, 3 all seem to be completed/resolved now, but I can’t for the life of me remember when I did each.

While during the day itself when they did actually get done, the whole day felt like a complete waste of time because nothing substantial appeared to have been done.

The irony is that you think maybe the solution might be to actually write down the completed tasks or visualize them in some manner… except that you realistically also suspect that you don’t have the time available to do this AND actually get the things done.

It’s one or the other. Get (most of) them done but wander around in a fog of confusion or get everything beautifully planned out / recorded and nothing done at all.

That or go without sleep.

At my age, sleep wins.

I do, of course, have this here blog, with which to jot stuff down in.

If I wasn’t already attempting to play three games a night and failing.

Still, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

11 Oct, Thursday

  • Warframe – Attempted to level up new warframe Titania and a twice forma’ed Hek a little more.

Went for the multiplayer option to spawn extra mobs on Ceres, Seimeni (Defense) and Ceres, Gabii (Survival.) Got both done, bounced up a couple of levels/ranks for everything but not fully maxed, quit to get to the next game.

  • GW2 – Squeezing out teeny tiny bit of progress on the Astralaria III: The Mechanism collection.

Main aim was to catch the Fire Elemental and Megadestroyer world bosses to get that item in the collection done. The special items to keep in inventory while defeating them were already crafted a previous day (probably Tue, iirc.)

Attempted to catch a low level Molten Boss fractal to better spend the waiting time, but no LFG was biting. Instead, someone was advertising for an easy Volcanic fractal at literally level 1, and I jumped into that. Got the Volcanic item.

Realized to my chagrin that the Quartz Vial for the Megadestroyer was in my bank, instead of in my inventory… after the fact, naturally. RIP Megadestroyer. Guess I’ll have to do that another day.

  •  Minecraft: The Awakening modpack

Last stop before bed. Recently got sucked into this pack, which advertises itself as a long term pack with integrated mods and quests. Unique world generation, bringing in stone types reminiscent of Terrafirmacraft and a ton of new ores and gems and mobs and biomes.

I’d built a metal press from Immersive Engineering yesterday and upgraded the blast furnace, after making what felt like a massive amount of steel manually.

Logged into the world with no real clue what to do next. Ended up going for the first thing in my sight – working on domesticating the wild chickens, cows and sheep. This modpack requires breeding for a few generations before they become the typical domestic Minecraft animal. Dug some animal holding pits and went on a little adventure catching and releasing wild animals into the appropriate pens.