Warframe: TennoCon Hype Machine

It’s 6am in my part of the world, a dark Sunday morning when I have no business being awake.

Came for the free Ash Prime giveaway on Twitch.

Leaving successfully hyped.

Warframe on Switch


Robot MOA companion

Wasn’t a small number of us just discussing the other day that we haven’t encountered many MMOs that utilize “proper tracking”, where one looks for prints and spoor?

(I’d love to find an appropriate image of the wildlife tracking and tracks/spoor in the demo shown, but my Google-Fu has failed me, the log-in servers are on fire from half a million people trying to check on their promised Ash Prime at once, and everyone is more distracted by the cooler reveals than to focus on a side activity in the open world. Such as…)

New Plains of Eidolon-like component (aka Venus Open World) called Fortuna; new faction with the most earwormy ditty I’ve heard in some time.

And more besides.

(plus some significant-sounding story/spoilers I admittedly have no clue about and really should get around to trying to finish the main story quests some day soon – but goddamn, if you want a living, evolving story over time, this surely qualifies)

I really wish I had sufficient time to play this game to the extent it deserves, but since I’m still gainfully employed *cough* and dividing my time between multiple games (headed out for Pokemon Go Community Day with family in… *sleep-deprived groan* 3-4 hours’ time), I have to settle for playing it at a “filthy casual” level.

But hey, even filthy casuals can be fans.

Edit: Updated with additional videos from the Warframe Youtube channel. Here’s the animal tracks: