GW2: So This is Why Anet Follows a “Devs Don’t Interact” Policy

In the most cunningly masterful stroke to distract a couple hundred eyes from coming close to revealing Anet’s lack of resources or manpower, while bringing several thousand people together to discuss gender politics instead, an Arenanet employee graciously sacrificed her 4th of July holiday and her personal Twitter to the cause:

The short summary is:

  • Said narrative designer decides to use her personal Twitter to post a long essay about specific game design issues in Guild Wars 2
  • A GW2 celebrity streamer decides to engage by posting some polite disagreement and a possibly ignorant question
  • Instead of ignoring the post or replying with factual disagreement on design limitations as to why the amateur’s idea cannot work, said “professional” construes it as an attack on her gender and lashes back ad hominem
  • Said streamer expresses surprise at her reaction, quickly apologizes and backs out of the conversation as rapidly as he can
  • In the meantime, social media bystanders add on color commentary, a mass Twitter blocking frenzy begins and everybody on the internet suddenly has a lot more fun content to discuss than the latest Living Story 4 Episode 3 and all its bugs, glitches or other lacking qualities

Best deflect ever.

This would probably be a good time to talk about my semi-recent and admittedly short and limited one-sided experience with Deroir, the content creator and streamer in question, who is most notable for creating a set of comprehensive fractal video guides.

While searching around for things to watch on Twitch, I found his channel while he was running a Fractal 100CM – Shattered Observatory training for his viewers.

Since my experience of that fractal totaled an exact 1 time, as carried through it by my more hardcore raid compatriots with specific on-demand mic instructions as to what to do next, I decided to watch to vicariously learn a smidgen more about the instance.

Guy had the patience of a saint.

I know, because I lasted about 45 minutes of his pickup training while his four trainees cycled in and out, making countless mistakes as they slooowly and incrementally learned the encounter a couple animations of the boss more before the next wipe took place.

He kept them alive as best he could using a druid, buffing and healing them to the gills, taking the more challenging mechanic as his responsibility, completely calm and mellow and encouraging small steps of progress and remaining unfazed by failures.

“Man, I want a coach like Deroir to walk me through learning shit” was my main takeaway, before wussing out at further viscerally experiencing more repeated failure through voyeurism.

In other totally unrelated news, the real reason why I use a wolf of indeterminate gender for my online avatar is not because we can discuss ideas intellectually on this longform blog without regard as to the source…

…it’s because I can take a page from my new hero and have a rationale to attack every scummy human (you racist! wolves are people too!) on every part of the gender spectrum including male and female and any point in between (that was sexist speech! See what unspecifieds have to deal with!) who dares to disagree with me.