MXM Shutdown2

Weren’t we just mentioning yesterday not to get too attached?

I liked it. Sort of.

Insofar as it had some never seen before ideas.

Pluses: WASD control scheme; PvE & bossfight mechanics (in a MOBA); you control two heroes via tag team switching

Minuses: Shit name; unmemorable heroes; aesthetics nothing to write home about; confusing and unfriendly to decipher UI; grind and microtransaction model so mindblowing that one has no clue where to even begin, let alone aim towards


A screen like this gives new meaning to the phrase “ugly UI”

It had some pretty nifty ideas.

I guess that’s as good an epitaph as any.


One thought on “Mutability

  1. Isey says:

    I might steal that for my tombstone! =P

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