4 thoughts on “GW2: Postcards from Elona

  1. Lovely shots!

    I have to say that despite my concerns and frustrations with GW2 over the past few years, I’m really enjoying PoF. I give it a surprised thumbs up so far with hopes that the story stays balanced for the rest of the expansion. It’s been doing okay so far.

    I did skip the last half of HoT and haven’t even started Season 3, because I wanted the mounts… and I’d spoiled myself for enough story to have a grasp on what I needed to know going into PoF. I’ll go back to those things eventually. The mounts should make it all easier, I hope.

    Or maybe I’ll just live in Elona for the next few years, trying to get that special mount. I love that there’s a reward for explorers/collectors that doesn’t have anything to do with dungeons/fractals/raids. I’m looking forward to working towards it! 🙂

    Could it be that the GW2 team has done the impossible and turned the game around for me? We’ll see!

    1. I think the PoF story is possibly the best it’s been since the personal story. It actually has prologue, a three act structure and an epilogue!

      Love to hear what others think once more people have had a chance to experience it sans spoilers.

      1. I’ve only just reached the second zone so far, so I’ve been holding off on making a judgement until I get a little further in. But so far, I’ve been surprised at the direction the story has gone, in a good way.

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