GW2: Years-Long Goal Fulfilled

One of the first things I did when I got my springer mount…


…was to go back to Iron Marches and hop up the previously unassailable cliff face and celebrate with a screenshot.

(After which, all four rams and sheeps were slaughtered with ritual pomp. That 1400 bonus xp has been stored up a reaaally long time.)

In other news, no news is good news when it comes to the expansion.

Means people are busy playing, rather than thinking about playing, writing about playing or complaining about not playing.

The only somewhat big deal currently is that the servers are understandably overloaded. Skill lag, disconnecting from the maps and instances and/or getting rolled back a minute or two are par for the course during peak hours.

The distributed nature of Anet’s map servers seem to be letting them sneakily get away with most of it though, as not everyone dc’s at the same time and then flocks to a message board to cry about it.

Mostly, everyone is just having separate periods of “OMG, my progress through X or Y didn’t save?” and privately ragequitting for an hour or two to cool off before trying again.

A lot more nods to exploration this time around.

I just spend the greater part of a weekend morning mini-dungeon crawling through Derelict’s Delve. It’s the most -engaged- with GW2 that I’ve been in a while. Good stuff.

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