Path Of…

Well, now.

The plan for this blog post title was to suggest that I was going to talk about GW2: Path of Fire, and then carefully skirt around actually NOT mentioning GW2 at all, beyond a wait-and-see regarding the preview weekend and some internal brooding over whether I should allow myself to buy the expansion – aka spend money on supporting GW2/Anet – while the stupid raid-exclusive legendary armor saga continued.

Instead, I was going to wax rhapsodic about Path of Exile, whose free 3.0 Fall of Oriath expansion is due to launch in less than 24 hours and how excited I am to play through ten full chapters with no repetition needed for increasingly higher Cruel and Merciless difficulties.

Then I idly checked the Guild Wars 2 reddit and saw an announcement that totally made my day…week, month, year. Whatever.

When the August 8th update is released, WvW and PvP players who own Heart of Thorns will be able to upgrade their WvW and PvP ascended armor to have legendary attributes! This new type of armor will not have a unique skin, such as the one that is part of the raids legendary armor, but instead will consist of an upgrade to WvW and PvP ascended armor that gives those armor pieces legendary stat-swapping capabilities without changing the skin.
The following PvP and WvW ascended armor can be upgraded to allow stat swapping:
• Triumphant Hero’s Ascended Armor
• Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s Ascended Armor
• Ardent Glorious Ascended Armor
• Glorious Hero Ascended Armor

Yo. That’s all I’ve been asking for and needed for philosophical parity. An alternate pathway(s) to legendary armor functionality. Since 20-fucking-15.

I’ve been holding back on spending a cent on Anet since raids were introduced, because of that.

Well, now I can buy the $80 version of the expansion guilt free.

And I can go be a PvE hero now and raid with much less unhappiness.

3 thoughts on “Path Of…

  1. Well, it’s nice for those that want it, i guess. Certainly WvW players have been droning on about it long enough. Personally I find Exotics are perfectly fine for WvW and I try never to change any of my character’s builds at all. If I do decide to try a different approach I generally prefer to make a new character. I see the “build” as an integral part of the personality of that character, not something to be changed without a great deal of soul-searching.

    I don’t own a single piece of any of that armor and I have no plans on getting any. 100% of my Ascended comes from drops and I don’t even have enough to fill my main WvW character.. Mrs Bhagpuss has Ascended on most of hers but its all crafted. I see this as just another lock-in for the grind gameplay ANet are so determined to push on us and I’m not having anything to do with it.

    I’d rather they fixed roles completely to the class and created new classes to fill out the required roles but that would be a different game, I guess. A game I’d prefer.

    In fact, the more I look at this the more I see it as a negative. It’s Raid elitism creeping into WvW not the equalization you seem to be seeing.


    1. Exotics are sufficient for raiding too, just like in WvW, though if you want to play with the min max optimization groups, they’d much prefer you to be at least full ascended trinkets and weapons, if not armor.

      The equalization is in the stat swapping functionality. Previously, if you want to have a permanent piece of stat swap armor, you have to raid, full stop. If you couldn’t raid, for whatever reason, this was discouraging and a reason to not even try = a reason to just stop playing the game.

      Now, you can grind for equally or more tedious amounts of time in WvW or PvP, whichever floats your boat the most. It dangles more hope and more options for a larger amount of people, similar to how exotics can be earned from various places – they could make a piece here and a piece there too, from all the various activities they play.


      1. All true. I’ve calmed down somewhat from my initial reaction. In the end it probably won’t make that much difference to the average player who doesn’t have WvW as her focus. What I fear is the voice coms effect on steroids.

        I already block Commanders who demand PUGs use voice coms. None of our really good commanders insist on it although all of them nag away about it. I can just imagine some commanders now demanding specific builds from specific classes and dictating how people should play to an even greater degree than they try to do already.

        I think it’s entirely appropriate for Guild groups to this – Guilds are Opt-In and Opt-Out. It’s the future of PUG/militia zergs, which I see as the heart and soul of WvW, that worries me.

        I suspect, though, that the grind to get a full set of this stuff will be so ferocious that most casual players will never get more than a piece or two and WvW is a numbers game above everything. In the end Commanders will need to take what they can get, just like they always have.


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