The SAD Project – Day 20 – Where Have All the Good Men Gone?


Welp. Today I did it. I broke the second last chain tying me down to Tarnished Coast.

I basically dropped a very old NA WvW guild that I had been very fond of previously.

The core problem from the beginning, besides the timezone clash, was its casual to semihardcore nature clashing with commanders suffering from a sort of Dunning-Kruger effect, where they assume considerably more competence/performance from the ragtag group of casualcores they are leading.

So the commanders try to command in some sort of zerg-fighting fashion, but have zero clue or acknowledgement that the rest of their backline (or frontline, even) is far squishier than the gear they are wearing. This leads to a rather glorious zerg collision somewhat reminiscent of a train wreck.

Over and over. Every server reset. Four years ago, they were doing this. The last week and today was not any better.

What frustrates me immensely is the absolute denial involved – “oh, that was good” (no, it really wasn’t), “no, no, that was done wrong, everyone must follow” (we tried, the zone was really hot by the time the voice chat + lag reached us), unsoweiter.

I am forced to come out of my own denial and admit that the token sacrifice of 2-3 hours of my life every week to a completely ineffectual and not fun reset night is no longer worth sentimentally keeping the historical guild tag with whom I learned guild missions with, and whose server reputation was previously worth a damn.

(Anyway, there don’t seem to be any old guilds left on TC besides a few odd stragglers. And continuing to hold the guild tag is like belonging to Unreal Aussies – uA or The Older Gamers – TOG, it’s screaming “Hi, I’m casual and not very good at this game mode, come run me over!”)


It looks like I’m better off being random PvE guild tag militia for the time being.

A server transfer is really calling me right about now, except that a whole bunch of servers are officially full (including both TC and my target server of JQ) so I don’t have any choice but to stay stuck where I am… for now.

In the meantime, there is only the last thing tying me down to look forward to, a Sunday morning romp with the only guild/commanders left on TC that can still manage a hold-your-own zerg fight.

I really don’t know if it makes up for six bloody days of being hopelessly outnumbered and/or commander tag-less in the Oceanic and SEA timezones.

The Outnumbered pip tick is the only thing making WvW gameplay relatively palatable during those times.

It is kinda funny, really, apparently our function is to act as flippers for the opposing team so that they don’t run out of targets after turning everything their color, and the occasionally run-over bags if we get careless about hanging around too long.

I do wish the complainants whining about the Outnumbered pip tick actually -try- playing in these god forsaken timezones.

Ah well. Like it or not, one has to face up to reality and acknowledge that it’s the roaming life for the time being. Especially this week, where we have the lovely misfortune of being paired up with Blackgate and Yak’s Bend.

The kill/death ratio looks like this.


It’s ridiculous.

Yak’s Bend’s Oceanic time isn’t doing so good, dipping under a 1.00 ratio, but is holding its own somewhat during NA times.

TC has just been bags. How anyone thinks TC can manage in the current tier is, eh, beyond me.

At this rate, they may as well just paste all the servers together into three megateam colors like Edge of the Mists.

Anyway, all this is on too rarified a level for me to care about for long. The salt is unreal in our WvW chats this week. Me, I want my pips and WXP, and I will figure out how to get them, working with the current reality.

I have learned that playing some music while roaming makes the activity slightly more palatable. I still have the goal of working out how to operate my mesmer for best effect. I should probably kit out a thief as well for even more stealth roaming.

It’s just getting so effing boring though.

I miss my oldschool zerg fights with Nightlight, Paulus, Jadon, Deyja, Zudoari, Lexanna and the rest of the ol’ TC commanders. But all but one of those names are either retired from commanding, not playing the game any longer, have transferred off the server and/or have gotten more guild group/elitist in mindset.

Aka, not accessible from where I sit at the moment, as a TC puggle, in a bad timezone.


Anyway, much of this is moot until and unless Anet opens up the servers some, so there’s nothing to be done but roam some more. *foreheaddesk*

Or PvE. I could do that too, being a dirty PvEr at heart.