The SAD Project – Day 18 – Dolyak Pushing


For once, I actually felt vaguely rewarded for pushing a dolyak.

As in, I’d already trundled around and did some WvW to get up to Tier 6 participation, which gives the maximum +195 participation per tick, and was scoring pips towards the next chest every 5 minutes.

So choosing to peacefully hang back and speed up some twenty dolyaks with swiftness in the relatively comfortable safety of our home keep in Eternal Battlegrounds was kinda relaxing.

Especially when the alternative was risking near certain death in an undisciplined zerg facing off against a slightly larger one (though they did do their job stalemating things and keeping our third relatively safe.)

I watched a few E3 trailers in the other screen (The Long Night has a cyberpunk atmosphere I LOVE / I still have no idea what Anthem gameplay is despite watching the gameplay trailer / Microsoft Minecraft appears to be ripping off all the good ideas from mods to produce their unified 4k update / Black Desert actually looked intriguing right up to the point they showed close ups of the player character models, yuk) , kept half an eye on the yaks, and shoved in the remaining dolyaks to top off the 60/80 that I’d first spied walking by.

In about 30-40 minutes, the keep was Tier 3 and had a brand new shiny waypoint. I was a bunch of pips richer AND I got to watch some videos AND I didn’t die.

That’s a lot of wins for going semi-AFK (brain-wise anyway) in a still WvW-contributory manner.