The SAD Project – Day 17 – I Got Nothing


Despite spending what feels like 4+ hours running around in GW2 tonight, I haven’t got any interesting screenshots. Just the same ol’ same old.

Logged in, harvested some 15-20 elder wood logs per alt (x 5 alts, which is all I can be bothered to leave in Orr at the moment).

Got sidetrekked from WvW to do the chak gerent with TTS. Got 3 chak eggs, smooth as usual.

An hour plus had gone by, so another cycle of the alts for more elder wood.

On to WvW, where nothing terribly interesting happened, just holding off the horde of Oceanic Sea of Sorrows, trading kills and deaths, and evading local number imbalances to go farm more WXP with sentries and camps.

Finishing up, did another cycle of elder wood, then logged the Ascended time-gated material crafter to check just how much elder wood logs had been accumulated with that desultory round of harvesting. 330-ish logs, good enough for 100 planks or so, but nothing earthshattering.

Checked the TP price of a stack of logs, and it’s about 3.75 gold. Went “meh” and put up a buy order for 3 stacks, spending 10 gold.

Messed around in the Path of Exile beta for a few more maps, and got nowhere fast.

Game time over. And so weeknight life goes on.