The SAD Project – Day 15 – Charr Havoc


Got to play an unusual style of WvW tonight, at least for a little while.

Oceanic server Sea of Sorrows was riding roughshod on their two less numerous in our timezone servers – I guess Tarnished Coast had Sunday morning NA’ers yesterday, but not tonight. Fairweathers stayed out, and those left in WvW were pretty outmanned. (Though sadly, not enough for the Outnumbered buff except on rare occasions.)

Besides a number of commanders who -tried- to tag up and mostly succeeded in dying to a horde about 3-5x more numerous, I happened to be in Desert Borderlands pondering the possibility of grabbing some WXP off the standard solo roaming targets.

Problem is, the really dedicated defenders in WvW are all in roaming builds and come in pairs or trios. That makes life somewhat difficult for someone less experienced roaming solo.

The name of the guy who came up with a commander tag kinda looked half familiar, like he might have been in an old WvW guild before, though he wasn’t sporting any recognizable guild tags.

He took the 5-6 of us on a havoc squad roaming blitz. The really nice kind, where everyone was swiftness’ed up, clearing sentries and camps in seconds flat, literally flattening the 1-3 scouts who came up to check things out, and moving on before a response could be mustered.

3-4 charr all running and moving together is very oddly fitting, and kind of intimidating, almost a proper warband sort of feel.

Sadly, his following was not -terribly- disciplined, and I guess he followed a three strikes and you’re out rule.

Strike 1: He told people not to chase a lone scout, and nearly all of them did, except for me and one other guy.

Strike 2: We stuck around a little too long trying to stealth cap a tower, got scouted, got into a fight, tried to extricate two of our party who were still obsessed with trying to kill someone, anyone, of the opposing group and got swarmed to death.

Strike 3: Pretty much the same situation as strike 2 repeated itself, except the commander guy repeated “moving” twice, and nearly everyone was ready to break and run, except for one guy who just wasn’t listening or responding.

If you ask me, we shoulda just left him to die and learn the hard way, but the commander had a soft heart apparently and went back to try and help. He died, the guy died, one or two others died, in the meantime the two left (me and another) booked it out of there like we wanted to from the beginning.

That ended up the last straw for the commander and he detagged. RIP WXP train. RIP the lightning blitz.

Fun while it lasted. Wish more people did something like that, but I think those guilds are few and far between these days, and most requiring more hardcore commitment than I have time for and on a different server to boot.