The SAD Project – Day 13 – New Shoes for Old Charr


Popped by the Black Citadel to look for cultural light armor shoes. Didn’t like the look of the ones I currently had on.

This is part of an attempt to vary up playstyle / learn a new class / make WvW more interesting by experimenting with a condi mesmer.

Granted, it is quite hard atm to roam successfully when you’re barely familiar with half of the weapon skills, none of the utility skills and traits, AND all the WvW roamers seem to come in pairs or more to my one (plus badly set up clones.)

But at least the alt is there when I want to try something sneaky and less direct than Gunflames and Hundred Blades to the face.

One thought on “The SAD Project – Day 13 – New Shoes for Old Charr

  1. If you play Condi Mes you’ll be playing the current most-loathed class in WvW. If you successfully kill someone in a 1v1 and they call it in map there will be a posse organized in seconds! Solo roaming hasn’t been much of a thing for a long time but the current feeding frenzy has made it all but impossible unless you really stick to the places no-one ever goes.

    Personally I never fight solo. If I get attacked I just stand there motionless so as to make it faster. Then I WP somewhere and carry on with whatever I was doing. I think of it like old EQ, when you’d be out hunting orcs and a griffin 20 levels higher than you would swoop down and one-shot you. Only in WvW it’s a million times easier to pick up and carry on.


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