The SAD Project – Day 12 – People Successfully Defend in WvW?

I’m losing track of the days. This screenshot is meant to be Friday’s post – but Friday was a mish mash of getting home late, partial-filling for raids, and losing the rest of time to WvWing until bed collapse.

Blog, what blog?

So this is Friday’s screenshot, and I’ll squeeze another one in later for Saturday.


Despite some rumblings with the Outnumbered buff being potentially exploited – the nicest constructive suggestion to fix it I’ve seen on Reddit so far is a stacking Outnumbered buff – the pip system in general seems to encourage at least -some- players to do previously less popular/entirely avoided activities in WvW.

I spent a lot of last night solo roaming in TCBL, flipping/back-capping sentries, camps and shrines. Desert Borderlands. Yes, you read that right.

I lost one 1 on 1 fight to a necro, not for lack of trying, he downed me, I downed him with thrown rocks, I made an error of judgment not generating some kind of stability before trying to finish him because I was super worried about vengeance running out, he kept his fear for me, and welp, I got out attritioned.

I’m sure I screwed up with not knowing how to best manage condis on my current build either. Panicking and running from a condi mesmer is, let’s say, not the wisest thing to do. (Note to self: make a condi mesmer for roaming.)

On the other hand, instead of being frightened away with one death, I beelined -straight- back to the contested supply camp in question, ready for a rematch with the necro. I got back to find the necro already being taken on by another ally – though the necro was busy hiding amidst all the supply camp NPCs…

…so I decided to pull at least the two most annoying NPCs, veteran scouts, the supervisor came too, away from the little battle taking place right smack in the centre.

I was still debating on whether I should be moderately honorable and let them finish their little duel before joining in, or whether I should just join in with a “everyone not my ally is fair game attitude” but the moment my adrenaline bar filled up, the possibility of Killshot/Gunflame apparently overrides any semblance of thinking.

My fingers hit “change next target” and my bound equivalent of F1 (shift + E) so fast, I didn’t even know I was doing it until I saw the shot land for 7k / interrupt and the necro instantly down.

My ally went, “Wow, warrior rifle hits hard.”

A second ally that had come by for the sentry camp added, “haha, ❤ Gunflame”

I said nothing, conveniently -not- mentioning I had lost a fight to this very same necro solo, but secretly happy to have my revenge kill, with such masterfully dramatic timing at that.

So. Speaking of allies, yes, that is the advantage of roaming on a home BL. You’re almost always never alone. More often than not, you can pull a local numbers advantage on the roamers of another team. So even if you’re not super great at mano-a-mano PvP (that would be me right there), you can get a decent mix of wins and losses.

Especially when the nearby structures are yours and you’re not morally opposed to booking it into one when the odds don’t look to be in your favor. (Ditto. I’m a tactician/strategist, not a fast reaction time low ping monster.)

The other thing I have not seen happen for some time, being neither WvW inclined for the past three years, and also not on Yak’s Bend where they are all reputedly disturbingly obsessed with siege, is a sizeable group of people being willing to mount a spirited keep defence -without- a professional zergbursting guild coming in to support them.

That is the subject of the screenshot posted above, where a bunch of semi-bored (EBG was queued) but still well rewarded pip-wise Tarnished Coasters/Kaineng/Gate of Madness-ers stuck around the air keep to successfully repel two smallish zergs of 15-20 players repeatedly.

Granted, we had a tagged up commander helping to drop superior arrow carts for support. But he was not having much success gathering up a decent frontline, so he feel back on encouraging us puggles to do what we do best, separate, split to the point where nowhere was a backline for the zergball to roll through – hitting one side meant the other side became a firing line – tactically look out for ourselves and “ranged pressure.”

As the fairly outnumbered Dragonband zerg attempted to rush in and overpower the defenders, the defenders liberally used the scenery to dodge and juke them up and down stairs, through the teleporter gates the attackers had to go around, with a few dying here and there and providing enough bait for the attackers to stick around and want to come back, while most of the defenders picked apart their backline like shooting fish in a barrel.

The structurally sound frontline of 5-7 people kept living, but had led their entire squishier tail into a meat grinder. Over and over.

Guys, you should know something is wrong and things are not going your way when 30 odd defenders are somehow not giving ground and sticking around in the keep.

Little red arrows of downed people are like candy, y’know.

Good morale boost for our folks in this timezone, I suppose.

And the pip rewards per tick make up for not collecting WXP by being on the attack, which seems to subtly encourage more defenders to respond/react to an attacking zerg, if there isn’t an active attacking commander map roaming.