The SAD Project – Day 1 – GW2 World Exploration

To whatever readers I have left:

After this long fallow period of “I feel like I have nothing to say”, this is your forewarning that the next 35 days on this blog will be (hopefully) spammy, to the point of being annoying and necessitating your own version of filtering me out.

Today marks the start of something experimental on this blog, a switch up in format for a month or so, before we re-evaluate the state of things.

Bottom line is, I miss blogging and want to get back into the habit of posting.

As anyone who has tried blogging knows, this is HARD when you’ve fallen out of the habit, and doubly hard when you’re feeling blocked and uninspired.

To lower the barrier of entry, my demented brain has concocted The SAD Project – or rather, The Screenshot-A-Day Project.

(I am enjoying the deliberate irony of the abbreviation though, as I’m hoping for this intentionally “sad pathetic” daily effort to build up steam in my boiler once more.)

Let me set expectations straight – this is going to be an experimental “low effort threshold” format from May 29 to Jul 2.

Not every screenshot is going to be a gorgeous gratuitous landscape or carefully posed action shot. (Unless I feel like it.) Most are probably going to be full UI monstrosities from whatever game I happen to be playing that day.

There may or may not be captions to go along with the screenshot. (Given my tendency to verbosity, a “minimal captions” intention may wind up turning into a paragraph regardless.)

All post headings are likely to wind up titled with a lazy variant of The SAD Project – Day #. (Because trying to be too creative with a blog post title is a good way for me to not even start.)

I just miss the sensation of being able to track what game I’m currently playing over the passage of time.

I figure, a screenshot and short description will do that job just fine.

Second bird killed with one stone, I get back in the habit of clicking “New Post” on the blog.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a bonus oratory or two along the way, once the muse gets re-inspired. It’ll be a journey of discovery. Who’s with me?


I am winding up on my second world completion with my favorite regions in Guild Wars 2, the autumnal Ascalonian plains.

World completion is a massive pain. Going from point to point filling in the landmark dots is a fairly boring too-Achiever-for-me-most-of-the-time grind, when all the Explorer in me wants to do is break free from its confines, race to the next horizon, hit a few harvesting nodes along the way, get diverted by a dynamic event and zig zag like a drunken worm across the map, while the “map completed percentage” remains stubbornly still and unmoving.

If you want a Gift of Exploration though, world completion is what you have to do.

And after putting it off for two years (in favor of first hoarding materials for a Legendary Armor set), I really -really- want my Predator legendary rifle.


I am supremely amused by this Hero Point challenge. This charr asks me a set of multiple choice questions about Almorra Soulkeeper.

I am gung-ho with all things charr, and I select the “let me skip all the buildup, OF COURSE I know all about General Soulkeeper, ask me your dang questions” second option without even quite realizing what I am in for.

Three questions in, I am starting to think I am getting in way over my head… “What -rank- was Almorra Soulkeeper when the incident happened? What exactly happened to her warband? What were they actually supposed to be doing when it happened?”

Uhhhh, I haven’t done this hero point in… oh… over three years?

I put in my best guess answers anyway, and ask the charr NPC how I did.

BLAM, my charr gives a victory fist pump and gets the hero point. First try. Guess I still know my legion lore after all.

5 thoughts on “The SAD Project – Day 1 – GW2 World Exploration

  1. Should be more uplifting! the GLAD project! Good Look A Day!

    I feel you though, I’m not gaming enough or having enough new insights to feel like the effort I put to put words up on teh screen are worth it to people reading them anymore. A good case of the blahs.

    May SAD is a good name….


  2. “…trying to be too creative with a blog post title is a good way for me to not even start”. Oh god, tell me about it! I just spent an hour trying to think of a title for today’s post – literally.

    I first began to pay attention to your blog when you did the Poe-inspired screenshot elegy for Orr so to me this is you going back to your roots. Looking forward to seeing you back in my Feedly every day.

    As for map completion – stuff it and stuff Legendaries along with it. You know how much I play and still after all this time, three accounts (plus a free one I don’t talk about) the closest any of my 17 level 80s has come is under 70%. My most-played character isn’t even in double figures! I’ve had everything you need to make a legendary bar that map thing for years now, not to mention the gold to buy several, but I don’t want one and I’m not having one and ANet can’t make me!

    Actually, the real reason I’ve never done map completion is that I cannot countenance having that execrable bunion hanging next to my name. If they put that on as the default I would do map completion to get rid of it! I can’t believe they don’t make it optional.

    Also I really must level through Ascalon again. By far the most beautiful region of Tyria.


  3. Coming out of Lukersville to say I’m still here reading too. Whether GW2, Mine craft or self analysis, always happy to see one of your posts in my reader.


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