Path of Exile: Acts 5-10 Coming

I am 15 hours late into realizing this.

I blame work and living on the other side of the world.

I have no wall of text for this.

My brain just exploded.

Here, have some links to everyone celebrating this announcement instead:

Oh fuck it, just read the whole reddit while you’re at it.

I will be nowhere else when this update comes, and probably so will many others, so all other MMOs better watch out for a population drop.

Now -this- is hype.

2 thoughts on “Path of Exile: Acts 5-10 Coming

  1. As an MMO player I struggle to see much of a connection between the two genres. About the only thing they seem to have in common is a fantasy setting. Of course, a lot of MMO players are also video game generalists and there’s always a noticeable population drop when any big hype game releases but the effect is generally quite shortlived. It is interesting to see the effect on WvW though – sometimes a release date for a totally unrelated game can swing a match, particularly if the game doesn’t release in all time zones simultaneously.

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