All Things Fire

I purposefully skipped doing dailies in GW2 for three days.

Nor did I log in, for that matter.

No dramatic reason. I caught a cold over the weekend, felt sick and tired most of the time, got bored of the same old routine and made a purposeful decision to strike out all the daily chore items on the ol’ checklist and went and did something else.

Like sleep a lot, read, watch Netflix and play Path of Exile.


The latest build-copy experiment is a Firestorm witch elementalist.

I got bored playing Marauders, didn’t feel like a Ranger, and wanted a spellcaster. But since I am partial to all things fire, and have gotten the furthest on fiery Marauder types, I went looking for a build that was based around a fire spell.

PewPewPew’s cheap Firestorm build sounded perfect. (Especially since I play self found.)

So far it’s been working pretty darned well, up until level 69 or so, despite a gaping hole in cold resistance that I was too lazy to shore up (since that would involve pausing and thinking about gear.)

Getting one shot by map bosses that use cold attacks finally slowed my progress to a halt.

I was grumpily thinking that I might have to farm the next couple of days for appropriately acceptable gear, but a random belt dropped tonight with 35% cold resistance and a unique amulet with 30% hp and mana leech. I swapped both in for the hell of it, and it seems to have done the trick for the time being.

Not bad, considering I haven’t taken the time and effort to figure out how to craft / get my hands on ‘proper’ statted rares, nor have I even slotted all the skill gems the build tells me I’m supposed to yet.

The latest essence league has been a pretty big help on the novice but stubbornly selffound player front. Essences provide a way for quick rolling rares with one desirable stat.

Find a good white wand, look for the spell damage % essence, roll it, and if it’s better than what I have, put it on. Done.

Find armor, look for the +life essence, roll up a random rare with added life, hope for some good elemental resistance rolls, and swap it in if it’s better. Done.

A lot more painless than just randomly rolling rares with an alchemy orb or settling badly for a blue magic item.

I’m still really fond of Path of Exile. I play it infrequently and at a fairly casual level, yet it still manages to engage and entertain whenever I get the urge to dip in.

I guess part of why I consciously decided to ignore GW2 dailies is a kind of “See, I’m not addicted” declaration. It’s not an uncontrollable habit, in other words.

Not that I have to prove this to anyone, but now and then, I guess I just like to test it for myself.

People talk a lot about MMO or game “addiction,” and while I don’t deny that it can be a real problem for some people (eg. I know someone in real life right now that has an almost -obsessive- compulsion to play Pokemon Go), I guess I’m just curious why I haven’t felt this way for more than a decade now.

I’ll admit I was unhealthily obsessed with my very first MUD. Even while offline, I would be living, breathing, thinking about the next steps and goals. I probably would not have been able to take a conscious couple of days off then.

Somehow, after burning out from it, nothing has ever taken on that level of seeming importance or urgency since.


Not sure I have a point with this. It’s not like I -want- be addicted. Maybe it’s just that I can’t seem to share the capacity of others to -care- that deeply and I feel oddly different about it

On a lighter note, the fused skins are back temporarily in the Black Lion store, and I broke out 4 tickets that I’ve been hoarding from idly completing the cheaper collections with gold to pick up a Fused Greatsword.


Yep, so ready for Ember Bay and the next Living Story episode: Rising Flames.


Primordius minion camouflage suit activated.


6 thoughts on “All Things Fire

  1. Helena Khan says:

    POE is very much a time sink 🙂 – btw have you got your lair and masters sorted out. If you have a rare amulet or ring with a spare slot, and Elreon is a high enough level, then enchant either to fill in that res hole.

    • Jeromai says:

      Pretty much got around to setting up a basic hideout last night. “Basic” meaning Haku was level 5 already before I got around to it, heh. Mostly motivated by laziness to put Zana’s map device in since I just got started on very basic Tier 1-2 maps yesterday.

      I am aware of Masters crafting, eg. putting in a +life or +resist mod, but I find that I still need more time and effort to fully grok all the possibilities of affixes and what not.

      That is, I’m not at the stage where I can look at a rare item, immediately know how many more mods it can still take, whether said slots are prefixes or suffixes, which affixes I want, and which Master to use in order to stick that on.

      I know better PoE players can do that, but I don’t have that kind of awareness yet, and it tends to encourage me to take the lazy way out and close my eyes and say “lalala” and handwave it off until I can’t ignore the problem any further. ;p

      I suppose it takes time and practice through play, though I am curious if there’s a more structured way of learning this.

      • Helena Khan says:

        Then I would encourage you to seriously put some time and effort into things. Finding 5 or six socket items is pretty rare to say the leaset, and you’ll want to optimize any unique you may find.

        Now, and as a serious piece of advice, get Elreon and Vorici into play ASAP. Once Elreon hits L5 or 6, you can purchase jewellery sockets at a much cheaper price than in the towns. Likewise for Vorici and fuses. Vorici’s workbench gives you the opportunity to trade in jewellers and fuses for guaranteed sockets/links and chromes for socket colors. It is expensive but guaranteed. 350 jewellers to make an item 6 socket (if it can have that many), and 1500 fuse to link it.

        A six socket item can make a huge difference either in straight out DPS or by casting a curse on hit (flammability) or by generating power charges for instance. There is also the cast on critical gem to consider.

        If you’re just using self found kit, would you trade chaos/exalt on the market for fuse/jewellers? Or will the prohibition stand? Good on you btw.

        There is no structured way of learning afaik, but I did pick up some tips from freinds. Ziggy D on youtube also a good source.

        Lastly, make sure you +20% quality both the main gem and any support gem you find. Take a L20 gem and one gem cutters prism to a vendor. You’ll get a L1 Q20 gem back. There are exceptions to this, but I’ve found it it almost always worth doing.

        Good luck out there,


        • Jeromai says:

          Good tips, ty. The last seems extremely doable, yet not obvious to a beginner unless one spent a really long time reading and grokking the vendor recipes wiki page.

          Just like the fact that there are “tells” on the maps that vets use to navigate, while beginners wander around lost, and me just aware of it but not yet internalized all the nitty gritty yet.

          It’s where I find I tend to stall on PoE. I’ve read and watched all the really basic beginner guides but transitioning into an intermediate level player requires putting together a whole bunch of not immediately obvious things.

          • Helena Khan says:

            There are other far better players out there than I am tbh. You’re welcome on the tips, though they’re just a means to an end. The trick to to get to the point where automation is doing a lot of the work, as I have found in my case, human reflexes (and lag) are the limitation. Having a lot of effort nullified by one or two deaths in merciless at the higher (80+) levels is disheartening to say the least.

            If you can game the system to a certain extent (extended duration/endurance charges/immortal call/cast when damage taken as an example) and leverage the mechanics, it can make all the difference.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better now!

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