Someone Else Should Teach Them

Quick short format post today.

I’ve been amusing myself by reading and commenting on a Reddit thread regarding the level 80 booster and the sudden influx of lost and overwhelmed newbies.

To be honest, I’m arguing in the thread mostly for the sake of provoking discussion and seeing different viewpoints and suggestions.

I still haven’t come to a firm conclusion either way about where I stand.

More developer help and guidance never hurts, but does take away development time and runs the risk of “dumbing things down” to the point of making the newbie zones no longer recognizable – eg. press F to feed cow, and the poor golem chess boards that are now somewhere fairly inaccessible in HoT…

And I don’t actually find a sudden influx of newbies being “dumped on” veterans a bad thing.

For one, it means more new players in the game that are actually buying GW2 HoT.

Not-quite-forced but “encouraged” player interaction where newbies learn from veterans keeps a community going.

The fear of the original poster is for people who are too shy to seek help, be it from speaking up in game, or too inexperienced or unwilling to search for external guides, becoming too discouraged at the difficulty they’re facing or having no linear guidance or goals for what to do next… and then giving up and quitting as a result.

Or at least, that’s what it sounds like on the surface… with an undercurrent of “I am losing patience saying the same thing 10000 times, someone else teach these people for fuck’s sake.”

Let’s take the first issue. Newbies too shy or scared or nervous to speak up and seek help. Why? Because they don’t think they will get a favorable response or a positive interaction.

Now why is that…?

Onus on? Veteran players. To behave better.

Newbies. To just go for it anyway, using whatever medium feels less threatening – mapchat, Reddit, guildchat, a whisper, whatever.

Second issue: Too ignorant or just plain unwilling to find out-of-game resources + too unobservant and un-explorer-natured to figure it out for themselves in-game the experimental way that GW2 encourages

Besides ignorance, which can be helped by someone providing helpful links and references, a lot of this falls back onto the newbie again, imo.

Third issue: Difficulty level where they are placed overwhelms them. That’s dev-adjustable.

Imo, Silverwastes isn’t so bad though. And near enough to the HoT zones where newbies who bought the expansion will immediately ask to go.

I mean, where else would you put them? Orr? Frostgorge Sound? Seems like a terrible no-context idea.

Maybe at most, unlock a few more waypoints for them and include a BIG OBVIOUS guiding prompt to “Besides the Silverwastes, here are a list of places you might be interested to explore!”

Last issue: No linear guidance or leading around by the nose as to  “what next?”

Now this one is controversial. The more you move in a linear, guided direction, the more those who crave freedom and less hand holding are going to scream bloody murder.

I dunno. What more do the linear un-explorers want?

You have a big obvious Content Guide in the top right hand corner of your screen. (That we can thankfully turn off if we choose.)

There is an NPC right in freaking front of your face suggesting things you could check out.

Reddit and other forums answer and have pinned FAQs about the “level 80, what should I do now?” question every few days. (And amazingly, there are a few regulars who will type it all out for you again.)

An exclamation mark and a checklist that pops up in the center of the screen, perhaps. /s


One thought on “Someone Else Should Teach Them

  1. Can only agree with this one. I didn’t buy HoT yet (even though I was very tempted, but my budget simply didn’t allow it), but I probably will if they come up with an offer like this in the future. The insta L80 doesn’t even appeal that much to me, though. Exploring and leveling is what attracts me the most in GW2.


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