GW2: Beginning of the End

Today, another irreversible milestone was crossed.

Someone just came up with the first group dps meter for GW2.


I’m torn between getting boiled slowly like a frog in a steadily heating pot (in which case, I need to figure out how to compile the personal one it’s based on from source code, because downloading the compiled version is freaking out my antivirus, and deactivating my antivirus to download it seems somewhat counterproductive to actually running an antivirus…)

…or just quitting in disgust.

8 thoughts on “GW2: Beginning of the End

  1. As long as the epeen-mongers stay in their raids and DPS meter each other, and leave all the rest of Tyria for me to explore and enjoy, I’m not too bothered. It only becomes a problem for me if the developers get captured by the idea that raids and DPS-metering are the one true right and proper way to play the game and start urinating all over my (non-raiding, unmetered) game experience.


  2. From that thread: “it is hard to help people if you don’t know who to help”. Hopefully the people he wants to “help” actually want the “help”, otherwise just let people play the game however they want, yeah?

    Typical elitist scum. If bob likes fighting the end boss with a fragile stick and his underpants, then by golly who are you to say otherwise?


    1. Well, I do see his perspective. From the point of “if you’re in a guild raid, with members you want/need to help, so that the whole group can be successful, faster, and not waste everyone’s time,” I do think some amount of quantifying contribution and identifying weak points may be helpful.

      Imo, the problem tends to arise when it boils down to dps – maybe the problem isn’t so much doing as much damage as humanly possible, but actually bringing enough cc so that people don’t die, for instance – and then worse, making it group visible and “public,” which can encourage shaming from less mature group members.

      Also, what gets measured gets done more, which is fine when you’re trying to beat an enrage timer, but in a fight with multiple mechanics, you don’t want to treat every problem like a nail with only one tool of dps meter hammer…


  3. There goes the neighbourhood.

    DPS meters do have some great positives but overall they have a hugely negative impact due to the community, not the actual tool itself, which has already been heading towards the more toxic since the expac came out.

    In a community like CoH I’d have no issues with it, but in GW2….this is bound to alienate a lot of people.

    In saying I’d never pug a raid, guildies only thanks, so Im not too worried as my guild ain’t the type to get all salty over stupid things like optimal DPS output. Like me they are playing to have fun over breaking out the calculator and crunching numbers to find the latest meta cookie cutter DPS machine.

    I’m hopeful the effects of this will be minimal outside pugging as playing optimal DPS builds is usually about as exciting as a wet fart.


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