GW2: Earning Money From Me Even When Burnt Out

I’m still comparatively burnt out on GW2, but the glider latency fix just got me to pay ArenaNet the first sum of money since Heart of Thorns. Going from 250ms to instantaneous deployment is worlds apart in responsiveness feel.

It’s a princely sum too, more than a typical two months MMO subscription, $35 USD for five shared inventory slots.

I can only hope that I’ll feel inclined to play more this year rediscover a sense of enjoyment while playing GW2 for a balanced amount of time, later this year, after my break.

6 thoughts on “GW2: Earning Money From Me Even When Burnt Out

  1. I don’t understand the Shared Inventory slots. It says you can’t put bags in them. Does that mean you are paying $7 per item shared? That’s insane.

    I would have bought at least one slot immediately if it was a shared BAG slot but I can’t imagine any circumstance where buying a single item slot would be worthwhile.


      1. Hit B. Go to services as required in Citadel. HIt B. Back to where you were. It’s free, unlimited use of all services in a single hub location with minimal interruption to gameplay.

        I guess maybe it doesn’t work if you do a lot of instanced stuff where you lose progress if you change maps but since I don’t do dungeons, fractals or raids that’s not a factor I have to consider.

        I’d actually forgotten there even was such a thing as a permanent banker though. That might be handy.


    1. I really wanted two slots for the silver and copper-fed salvage kits, because I was super-tired of juggling them back and forth from bank to various characters.

      The third slot for the mystic forge conduit was a bonus and I’m still not 100% sure what to do with the fourth and fifth yet, while I don’t own a permanent bank or TP or merchant. Likely just keep them free for immediate relevant sharing, like keys or whatever.


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