GW2: Tick, Tock, Time Passing

One has been trying to go back to some semblance of a normal routine in GW2…


…insomuch as anything in a post-Heart of Thorns world can be considered “normal.”

What’s permanently changed, I fear, is the tone of the community.

Raid guild drama is a thing now. Those that prefer optimal and effective are now at loggerheads with those that have a more set vision of their character or simply do not yet have the resources to reach said optimal and effective state.

With the tight tuning of raids, the former feel more factually justified in outright attacking the latter group (or simply silently scorning them), and well, when people get attacked, they become defensive in turn and may attack back.

I dunno. My reaction to all this is to feel less inclined to participate in the general community, ducking back into the shelter of ever-so-slightly more laissez-faire guilds (though they too haven’t been completely immune) and isolating myself – presumably up to the potential point where said guilds implode if someone can’t take it any longer.

(At which point, I guess I look for yet another guild or re-evaluate my place in the game. I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news that I’ve lost the passion to get worked up about it either way, I just feel resigned, distant and somewhat mellow about it all.

A sort of old person’s “eh, it’s inevitable, why get worked up about how the world works, just live in it the best you can and when it’s time to go, it’s time to go” indifferent attitude has pretty much overtaken me.)

On a more personal level, I have been amused to discover that GW2 life now requires more scheduling than everyday real life (work included.)

I am not as stressed out as some other people are feeling, at being “on the clock” so to speak, mostly because I have a fantastic ability to ignore said clock when I don’t feel like it.

However, since I’m also a little obsessive and occasionally follow the cult of GTD in order to stay organized, I kinda need to have it all laid out in front of me so that I know what I’ve chosen to ignore (and what shouldn’t be ignored.)


So yeah, I’ve now started a Google calendar for my GW2 guild events…

I haven’t even finished adding all the stuff of my NA guild yet (most of it will be moot since I can only make Sat/Sun stuff, and I’ve already memorized those timings.)

I tend to chuckle wryly when I look at it though, at the sheer craziness level of it.

Granted, most of the green stuff are TTS events, which are very much optional, and I strictly don’t have to attend -any- event at all (as long as I’m willing to deal with the consequences, such as being removed from a progression raid roster), but I like to touch base with my guilds whenever I can, especially if I also want to do said event they’re planning to do.

Squeezing personal solo time in between all these social get-togethers has been somewhat tricky.

The irony of it is that a good part of that solo time goes to dailies (oh, a world boss daily, so check Dulfy’s world boss timer – yes, I have it bookmarked) and half-hearted attempts at achievements/collections, many of which are in Heart of Thorns, so enter the new kid on the block, GW2 wiki’s event timers, which displays the HoT zone timers in easily understandable graphical form.

I really don’t mind it as much as some, but yeah, I can see why some people might be feeling stressed out.

What’s really been pissing me off over the last few days is the sudden weird increase in reported ping.


What’s really strange is that for the most part, the game plays the same and it isn’t terribly noticeable. I guess I have to commend whichever department of Anet was working on masking the effects of ping, especially when it comes to dodging AoE red circles.

I was raiding all Saturday morning with 475 reported ping, and beyond one or two accidental teleports from a blue AoE that I apparently didn’t move out in time, and a little bit of skill lag, it wasn’t exasperating or  utterly unplayable.

However, I have no idea what this actually means in terms of objective DPS dealt, if there was any impact on that front.

(Our team got to about 5% of the Vale Guardian’s health, the closest I’ve gotten so far, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next week.)

The good news is that I have absolutely ZERO desire to progress on to Gorseval while this plagues me, because I’m 100% certain that a glider malfunction WILL occur with such ping.

I learned this by utterly wasting a good bit of solo time trying to work on POIs and vistas and adventures that all required gliding.

After the fifth time my glider choked and refused to deploy while I was vainly attempting to reach the Wings of Gold aventure in Auric Basin, I thought to check my ping and discovered the abnormally high number.

(I hear some NA folks complaining about 200-300ms ping – I’m like “HAHAHAHAHA Welcome to -normal- Oceanic/SEA life. Why don’t you get gud now and see how you like it.”)


A tracert to suggests that the bulk of the slowdown might be happening somewhere around the servers, which are apparently quite infamous for such issues (if only because they are a major backbone and the bulk of internet traffic goes through them or whatever.)

I can only pray that it’s just Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday week having an effect on Internet traffic and that this too shall pass.

If not, then someone somewhere needs to fix their shit.

In the meantime, this has a surprisingly mellowing effect on my stress levels because it’s like, this is -totally- out of my hands, there’s no point trying to obsess about being all optimal and effective and efficient and uber and try to be all elite successful raider bruhaha when YOU HAVE 600+ PING.

600+ ping can only be dealt with from a long-term patience mindset.

It’s either:

a) it will eventually go away and then you will have sufficient opportunity to try again and do whatever you want to do, in the long term


b) it won’t go away and you may as well quit this MMO and all other MMOs and go play singleplayer offline games.

There’s a certain pristine clarity that comes from basically not having any viable options beyond the basics.

“Ok, I can kill mobs solo very slowly and harvest nodes, or sit on the world boss bus. Or stay in the city and sort my inventory. Or I can quit and log off until the lag goes away. The end. That was easy.”

7 thoughts on “GW2: Tick, Tock, Time Passing

  1. My glider fails a LOT, especially in Verdant Brink, and my ping is fine (around 150-160 from the UK). I was blaming the spacebar on my keyboard for a while but I have come to the conclusion that gliding is just buggy. If you try to glide after you have just been doing something else it often refuses to co-operate. I can’t be bothered to try and work out if anything specific causes it. I just fall, die, and carry on. It’s not as if there’s any penalty for dying other than the time you waste and I’m already wasting that without any help from buggy gliders.

    I agree the tone of the game has changed. ANet better not carry on with that “best community inn MMOs” nonsense – it sounded arrogant before but now it will just sound delusional. It’s interesting being in a hardcore WvW guild where raiding is concerned. If WvW wasn’t in such an absolutely dire state I don’t believe most of the guild would even have thought of PvE raiding but as things are it’s being treated as a bit of knockabout light relief to pass the time until ANet get their act together for The Mists. I am pretty sure no-one is taking it in any way seriously.


    1. Eh, that’s kind of a silly thing to say. GW2, by the strength of some of its fundamental game mechanics, is very socially friendly and provides very few sources of conflict.

      That doesn’t mean conflict doesn’t exist, but looking at games where simple action of killing a monster can lead to conflict…GW2 has the greatest, most friendly community, and it’s not even close in my experience.

      You are right though where the new HoT content (MORE CHALLENGING!) has absolutely led to an increase in elitist and the classic drama that comes along with it. Which is a such a shame, because I think the HoT maps, and their open-world metas, are so wonderfully designed.



  2. Oof yeah, that last 20% on Vale Guardian is tough. Same as you, the one evening of attempts I’ve done so far and the best we managed was 5% or so.

    On the other hand, I’m not so sure that VG, at least, is as tightly tuned as has been suggested – we did it with 1 tank and 1 healer and the rest DPS in full zerk/whatever-the-condi-equivalent-is, and we still had 1 minute left at that 5% wipe, and we didn’t even really have an ideal class combo.


    1. Ach, clicked Post too soon. My point with this comment was that sacrificing a bit of DPS for some +Vitality seems like it’d be a perfectly reasonable option if it helps people survive through the bullet hell that is the last phase, since the enrage timer doesn’t seem to be that tight.


      1. the first time he did his ‘spam balls of doom everywhere’ phase, we held off on CC as long as we felt possible (barring auto-attack-based CC like reaper GS 1); second time we CC’d ASAP. Holding off on CC like that let us take a pretty significant chunk off his health with little danger the first time.


  3. Seems to be two camps, at least from what I can see from my guild list and consequent reaction, since the HoT hype has dissipated.

    The more casual guilds seem to be doing great. Lots of “newbies” around to recruit and do core content with. As someone who enjoys the ease of core PvE and helping newer players with builds/gear/mapping/exploring and such I’m really enjoying my time there. It’s laid back, highly relaxing and I always find the gratitude of new players highly rewarding, a reminder of why I enjoy these games to begin with, while returning the favor in regards to the players who have helped me out in the past. I highly recommend it if raids are getting you down and you need a “refresh”. Helping a new player map core for a few hours the other night was the most fun I’ve had in months.

    Core just seems so chill compared to HoT, to state the obvious I guess, and it’s a great time to play that re-roll you never got around too.

    The more organized and serious guilds I belong to are in a state of flux and disorganization in regards to the raid content. Many are having long term members leave due to raid discrimination, either through class or gear, fights seem to be regularly breaking out in guild chat with finger pointing ad nauesm. Many of the guild leaders and officers I have talked to are at the point of ripping their hair out with how to fairly handle and distribute access to raid slots without offending guild members who will simply be a crutch to the party or appearing to show favouritism at the risk of offending others.

    Nobody likes to be the red-headed step-child but fact is it’s a touchy subject to handle, especially in a video game that is meant to embrace playing alongside your guildies. I get the impression many long term players are actually finding out they need a lot of new gear and a lot of “l2p” which appears to be going down like a warm glass of charr sick.

    Nobody wants to hear “lol…get gud” after playing a game for 3 years and it seems to be ruffling a lot of feathers.

    I’ve even heard that some guilds are charging gold to reserve raid slots due to leavers or no-shows….

    *shakes head*

    Anyway back to core for me where the rivers are made of chocolate and the children dance with gummy bear smiles.


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