GW2: In Praise of Bite-Sized Content

Having spent a few too many days playing through two-hour long map meta events (sometimes, only to reach bitter failure), this weekend I found myself making only a few desultory efforts to taxi into an organised map before giving up.

“Eh, let’s give other people a chance to experience it and not hog a slot.”

“If it’s the weekend crowd, chances are likely their first few goes at it are going to fail anyway, given the learning curve and all that…”

“I could be doing this with much less frustration and failure a month or two later when more of the player population actually knows what to do.”

“This is wasting too much of my time when I could be doing other things.”

“Also, I’m nursing a headache and I don’t think I can withstand staying upright for 2 straight hours of middling ordinary play to razor-sharp focus right now.”

All the above ran through my mind and before you knew it, I’d dropped the taxi and ended up mostly in bed napping.

When sleep was finally impossible because the brain kept insisting it was time to wake up, I decided it was time to head back to core Tyria and catch up on stuff I’d been ignoring there.

Like topping off and completing the Fractals 3 mastery I’d been working toward steadily, given the news that Fractal rewards were getting tweaked a little in the future. (Well, that means I kinda need to have a basis of comparison and try out opening at least a few chests now.)

The most peaceful and still fairly efficient method of filling up the mastery bar that I know is solo killing of xp-laden ignored mobs.

So I popped some boosters, and ran around Cursed Shores (long time no see), Southsun Cove and ended up settling in Frostgorge Sound under the quiet, dark and deep waters killing all the things.

Sometimes, loving things other people loathe has its advantages.

I ended up finishing that rather quickly. In order not to waste the boosters, I turned my attention back to Pact Mastery 2 – at a more modest million or so xp – and managed to get that bar to completion too. Job well done, in just one hour.

I logged off, feeling satisfied.

Back again in Tyria after another round of naps, I started scanning the achievement and collection lists. Fractals and daily fractals stood out as something I hadn’t touched post-HoT. So I gave them a go.

Frankly, I must applaud the post-HoT fractal changes.

(Mind you, this is ignoring the reward aspect. I tend not to even keep track of how many fractal relics I’m earning when I play. I just do an activity, click all the chests, and only when I need the tokens, do I check my wallet to see how much I have accrued over time.)

Here I’m just talking about how much less of a pain it is, now that they’ve chopped up what used to be a set of three fractals, plus a final boss fractal.

Before, you were looking at a 45 minute minimum time investment, if you were lucky and got a decent group, or upwards of 1.5-2 hours for a not-so-great group. I’ve heard nightmare stories of 3 hour fractals, but I don’t want to think about those.

Now, especially given the guidance of a simple ‘daily’ fractal number, you just grab a group and go do that one fractal. Done in 15 minutes (give or take a few.)

If it’s the daily, you even get an extra bouncy chest to add on to the good feelings.

I open what I can with the free keys from the dailies, usually getting 10-15 silver junk plus some number of +1 infusions, and sell the rest of the chests on the TP.

If I feel like doing more, then I can scan the LFG list and either do two more single fractals to make up another daily, or jump on a group with more stringent goals (such as a specific string of two or three fractals) or a group that’s trying to do some kind of achievement/challenge.

Wow, it's been a while since I've seen this part of the map.
Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen this particular part of this map.

I am especially in favor of the -certainty- factor of the new fractals.

I keep the Fractals of the Mists wiki open in the other screen for easy reference, and at a glance, I can set my expectations appropriately.

Ok, that group is asking for a 2. That’s Bloomhunger, easy peasy, I can do that.

That’s a 23? Ok, tunnel crawl, kill a bunch of mobs, whole lotta dredge trap mechanics, k, I’m ready for that.

A 22? Ugh, Cliffside. Eh… I don’t like all those vertical heights and chanter stuff, I think I won’t join that group today.

I didn’t realize it until it was gone, but I always had this subconscious sense of -dread- with pre-HoT fractals.

On paper, randomization of a dungeon sounds like a good thing, for variety and all that.

At the same time though, there was a lack of control aspect to it. You had to remember how to do 14 different mini-dungeons, on the fly, and you’d only know which one you faced when you were hip deep in it. No takebacks. Get through it, or give up the whole thing. Even if you could manage such a thing, you’d worry about your four other teammates, were they as experienced? Would they stumble?

And well, RNG being a cruel mistress, sometimes you got the worst possible combination ever, and the whole experience wound up being a massive hard slog through stuff that was tedious, long and/or challenging. No wonder I tried to avoid fractals as much as possible.


I feel a lot more openness and flexibility with the new fractals, now that they can be done singly.

You’re not stuck with a hopeless group for a marathon quest. You just complete one quick bite-sized challenge, and thank you, we’re done. Each fractal feels like a quick CoF path 1 now.

If you do like the group, and the group clicks and has the time, nothing stops the five of you from continuing further.

I joined a fractal group that had advertised itself as aiming to complete the Swampland challenge mote for the backpack, and that went by really well. A party member started asking about the Firestorm first achievement, another one asked “Hey, the next fractal is aquatic, there’s a challenge for that too, wanna do it?”

Before you know it, we went through the aquatic challenge mote, did the Firestorm first achievement, did the 5 minute time limit achievement for the Jade Maw, and made a pretty good attempt at the Cliffside 5 chanters or less achievement (didn’t get that one, we might have accidentally went through one too many chanters or the chievo bugged.)

They were still up for more, but my head was busy trying to pound itself out of my skull near the end, and I decided it was time for a break and another nap.

(And no, I have no idea why the last few days have been a sequence of minor headaches. It’s probably just a migraine, eye strain, lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal or some kind of flu virus. Hopefully nothing more serious.)

The whole bite-sized collections making up a legendary is also a nice concept.

My first impulse on hearing that the fractal backpack was named “Ad Infinitum” was to laugh my ass off and nickname it “Ad Nauseam.” Which is what I imagined repeating -that- many fractals over and over would feel like.

Of course, when you actually SEE the damn thing being worn by an NPC, you start drooling at its shininess, and seriously looking at the collection page examining each task for its “doability” factor.


The first one’s not that bad, actually.

I got all of this in the space of a day or so (granted, that day spans two GW2 ‘daily’ days.)

The biggest time-limiting factor is the collection of 28 fractal research pages for a journal. If you do one fractal daily, it’ll take you 28 days, or a month-ish. If you get two fractal dailies done each day, we’re looking at two weeks. Which ain’t so bad, fairly reasonable a medium term goal, imo.

The biggest cost is the ball of dark energy, which you’ll have to salvage an Ascended weapon or armor for, I think.

I ended up staring at the Ascended chests collected over time in my bank and sacrificing a Dire stat weapon for it. At least I unlocked a free orange-colored skin in the process.

Over the next two weeks, I just need to catch one more volcanic fractal (to soak the ice elemental core I popped off Svanir a couple days before, and wondered then what the heck it was for) and one more swampland fractal to infuse a +4 infusion (easily gotten, given the amount of +1 infusions I’ve been receiving from the new fractals), and do mah fractal dailies.

I’m sure some of the challenges for the later backpack versions will get a little more tricky, but I’m enjoying the bite-sized nature of the process. It feels like you’re getting somewhere, for not that much cost or effort invested at one go, just a little gameplay here and there.

9 thoughts on “GW2: In Praise of Bite-Sized Content

  1. Still not remotely tempted to do Fractals or Legendary anything but I was very pleasantly surprised when I was browsing the Collections tab tonight (first time I’ve looked at it since HoT arrived) to see how (relatively) approachable the collects for the Elite Spec Ascended weapons are. I could see myself actually doing some of those.


  2. What a coincidence reading this post now. Last night I tried out Fractals for the first time ever. I had two guildies who are experienced and we just did lvls 1,2 and 3 for the daily and they showed me what to do. It was rather painless and a lot of fun. (We pugged the other two members) The nice thing is sometimes you land up with 2 people who know what to do and 3 good listeners and its rather painless. 🙂


  3. I definitely think Fractals works sooo much better as this bite-sized piece. I am really enjoying the casual level for now, never really ever having gotten any higher. I do plan on getting to level 50 eventually.


  4. As someone in a new guild that embraces a more casual and “new player” friendly attitude (after my older guild slowly became more and more foccused on repeating certain end-game content ad nauseam…raids will be THE ONLY thing to do for many such guilds soon..urrgghh..) this change has been a blessing for new guilds enticing newer players into fractals while freshening the content up.

    Between that and mapping core on my “new shinies!!” Revenant I’ve been to busy having fun on that class to even check out HoT on my mains outside the first hour or so, although many of the comments I have seen addressing map population have me concerned that maybe I need to re-prioritize before it becomes a ghost town which annoys me.

    I really wanted to slowly digest this expac, not burn out on it in a month (coming from a player who took 2 years to complete the PS on his main first time around).

    I have other things I wanted to do, a new guild to help grow, and I abhor felling pressured or rushed into this content, just not as much as maybe not being able to complete aspects of it altogether due to empty maps.


    1. I suggest if you’re worried about empty maps for HoT that you look into joining one of the communities dedicated to doing these (as one of multiple guilds) eventually/soon/whenever you get around to it.

      I’ve never worried about a map being eventually deserted because I know someday, someone will organise/schedule a guild around doing it semi-regularly. Eg. I finished my Ambrite weapon collection under the auspices of the DTOP guild over 2-3 weeks, and I didn’t even have to join them. I just looked into when their regular time for running Dry Top was, joined their teamspeak then, volunteered for a team, someone taught me where to go and what to do, and voila, Tier 6 Dry Top twice every week.

      So, no need to feel pressured. Chances are likely the community will learn how to do it as time passes and you’ll see more PUG maps, not less – eg. Silverwastes and Teq are all regularly run in PUG maps.

      I can see Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Dragon Stand all puggable, except VB may need a bit more map agreement similar to Dry Top. Only Tangled Depths as is is a pug nightmare. Hell, it’s a bit of a stretch for many organised groups too, more failures than successes right now – so longevity of this ain’t dying any time soon.


      1. Thats a great point that I never really considered, more so with the new multi-guild communication (FINALLY!!) as searching out guilds for such things previously became an annoyance more than anything and often involved niche or circumstantial content.

        As a mainly solo player I tend to just avoid such content entirely unless helping others or randomly stumbling across something (only did Teq and TT this way, world bosses, etc) but larger scale grouping really seems to be an intergrated mechanic in a lot of the new open world PvE, my main enjoyment outside dabbles in instanced stuff and a 2 year addiction to PvP that I burnt out on long ago.

        Not sure how I feel about not being able to just rock around exploring by myself and completing open-world content unless I’m lucky enough to be in time for a stampeding zerg or online with a decent guild with similar priorities. I’m a soloist by nature, my employment is heavily based on communication, customer relations and dealing with the public all day hence when I play GW2 I enjoy the silence of exploring and questing on my own, or at most in a small select group. This is compounded as I am in a pacific timezone (New Zealand) which is’nt the most conducive to either active guilds focused on one particular type of content or map population in general.

        In saying I have no issues with group play, just sad to see it maybe a requirement in so much of the open-world PvE when compared to the core game but I guess I’ll bite that bullet when I start to commit more time to the jungle.

        Thanks for the advice 🙂


  5. I don’t really think group content is a requirement in the new zones by any means. Both Bhagpuss and I are pretty staunch soloists at heart, and I think we’ve both managed to get by fairly well in HoT.

    One can definitely still earn the map currency solo, doing pre-events and pushing the map meta to partial success milestones.

    To reach total success of a map meta that requires map-wide organization though, I’d say the logically efficient thing to do is to seek out a community that is open to communicating and coordinating. There is still the alternative option of lucking into a successful map, or increasing your chances by joining a LFG pug taxi trying to do one, so it’s not unreasonable in my book.

    A Kiwi, eh? I’d point you to the TTS OCE branch then. I try not to single them out when I mention organized communities, cos I don’t want to be accused of favoritism, but mwahaha, it’s a nice bunch of friendly folk and very little pressure/requirements – it’s like agree not to be a jerk, attend one event a month to avoid getting kicked from inactivity, and nobody cares what you do the rest of the time. You choose your own level of participation/activity, pretty much.


    1. Hey thanks heaps on the guild tip.

      Been looking around in game but obviously with guild halls dropping every man, woman and dog are out recruiting at the moment.




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