GW2: These Are Not the Designers I Am Looking For

Let’s see:

Guild missions are now instanced, separating guilds from ever interacting and cooperating with another guild by chance, or allowing randoms to wander in spontaneously with a guild.

Raids are, in the designers’ minds, going to require Ascended tier gear to defeat, and presumably be tuned and adjusted that way by observing the current progress of the highly organized guilds.

What the hell just happened to the game that was supposed to build a friendly welcoming and inclusive community where one doesn’t have to look upon another player with hostility?

You have no idea how –angry– this makes me.

I suppose I will wait and see how it all turns out and give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but if this ridiculous trend continues into the next year… Four years may be about my MMO lifespan limit.

There’s always modded Minecraft, I guess.