GW2: And Some Days, Lady Luck Smiles On You…

Case in point, last Sunday’s Triple Trouble Wurm kill:


The group at Cobalt killed the phase 2 wurm head in, if not a record-breaking time, still a very good and respectable time.

Once Amber had killed theirs, it was the usual. Grab champion bag from the dead wurm, collect Golden Chest from the sidebar, take portal to big chest and get a whole lot of not very much scrolling down the side of the screen…


…is that something pink I see in my bags? Did I maybe get an Ascended chest (that will soon be able to switch stats to something useful) to sweeten the day?

*flips to the chat channel I’ve set for game messages*


Oh wait, it IS the last regurgitated armor chest (of three) that finishes my skin collection!

Feeling suddenly very celebratory and cheerful, I start the process of tidying up my inventory, which means breaking open the big golden chest to reveal more blue and greens and salvaging those, and then opening up the 5 champion bags that came out of the chest and getting even more blues and greens (plus crafting odds and ends) and salvaging -those-…

… Then I do a double take at the exotic that dropped out of the last champion bag.


That, for those who don’t recognize the skin, is Lord Taeres’s Shadow.

Something I’ve been oohing and aahing over for a long time and had my eye on, but hesitated to get at 60g on the TP. (It’s now worth 80g on the TP.)

Thank you, RNGjesus.

You have no idea how hard it is to decide whether to sell it or keep it – selling would give me enough gold to buy a Scientific skin (my new ‘chase’ goal in GW2, aka collect as many Scientific skins as possible) and keeping, well, saves me 80g and gives my future mesmer the most stunningly stylish sword one could ever ask for.

Being the hoarder that I am, I’ll probably go with the latter. Gold can be earned by other means, after all.

One lucky day indeed.

5 thoughts on “GW2: And Some Days, Lady Luck Smiles On You…

  1. Grats! That’s a nice-looking sword. Always liked that one. Lord Taere’s Shadow is, I think, the only exotic I have ever bought for the appearance. Not for the skin – I bought the sword to equip and use on my Mesmer, who is now on the account I don’t play seriously, so the “skin” aspect, which I don’t really get involved in anyway, is moot. I think I paid about 40g for it.

    I have still never done a successful Triple Wurm run, although I should also say that after the first couple of weeks I have hardly ever even been on the map when it happens.

    The best exotic I ever had drop was Jormag’s Breath (or is it Breath of Jormag?) from The Claw. That was about two years ago. I did have to think long and hard before selling it but i was going for over 100g at the time and that was a lot of money then (although not any more).

    RNG in GW2 is nightmarish. I would estimate that between us Mrs Bhagpuss and I have well in excess of 10,000 hours played; neither of us has ever seen a precursor drop for example. Compared to other MMOs the drop rate for things that might be considered desirable is dismal although the drop rate for things you can sellto make money is pretty good thanks to the insane grind of the crafting system.


    1. I’ve never had a precursor -drop- either (only forged one from exotics once) so we’re par for the course there!

      If you’re ever curious about Triple Trouble Wurm, feel free to check out the TTS website calendar. (

      Believe they hold EU time raids on Fri/Sat/Sun (all times are in server time.) The only thing needed is to listen in on Teamspeak for explanations and coordination purposes – mostly syncing the three wurm decaps so that they happen at the same time.


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