GW2: One Alarm Bell About the New Mastery System

“In fact, once you have unlocked the ability to train Masteries, your nameplate will display the number of Mastery points you have gained rather than your level.”

Reimagining Progression: The Mastery System, Guild Wars 2 website

This is dangerous.

Just sayin’.

The rest seems decent enough, sort of a cross between EQ2’s Alternate Advancement system and GW1’s title tracks (which, by the way, turned out to be a massive grind – I personally don’t mind as I play a helluva lot of GW2, I’m foreseeing my account will get a massive amount of points just grandfathered in from the core game with probably high-level fractals being the only exception, but I dunno how others might perceive it, ie. what they find becomes ‘necessary’ rather than optional to grind out.)

I’ll find it ridiculously funny if level 80s suddenly felt the urge to locate spots to grind out xp faster than just playing the game normally though.

Bet it’ll happen. So much farm.

8 thoughts on “GW2: One Alarm Bell About the New Mastery System

  1. My initial reaction is unfit for print. On the face of it, It appears to both reward and all the things I most wish GW2 didn’t even have.

    I am pinning my hopes on hyperbole: ANet frequently make claims for the complexity or challenge of their content that reality does not bear out. I hope that trend continues.

    I hadn’t planned on bothering with the beta bit now I definitely will. I’d like to know if its as bad as it sounds so I don’t waste my money.


  2. I think that there will definitely be spots to farm XP, just like someone can ramp up an 80 just playing the k-train in EotM. Bought as fun as watching paint dry.

    That being said it sounds good. I feel that GW1’s EotN rep was the baby of this for sure. But, I really like the compartmentalization of the two tracks. Like hang-gliding only in HoT, which allows for the next xpac not to necessarily worry about that.

    ANet is thinking looong term, and I like that.


  3. I like the idea in principle. A few years ago, I would’ve loved it in execution. But now? After seeing gear score in World of Warcraft become the juggernaut it has become within the game’s culture?

    I’d probably vote against it.


  4. It sounds like an exciting way of revitalizing the world on the face of it, but displaying the Mastery Number next to one’s nameplate has to go. It really depends on the implementation. If Lore/Combat Masteries are the equivalent of skills required to be able to whittle down the secondary health bars of NPCs such as in the Tokyo area of TSW, then no thanks. (I can see Fractal Masteries being something like Enhanced Agony Resistance required to not die.) Exploration Masteries sound almost like WildStar-esque terrain traversal – slippery and bouncy.

    I’m excited but highly suspicious. I’ll need to see some of the gameplay videos presumably coming up Soon (TM).


    1. That’s the problem. From the wording, the nameplate is what is visible to others. I thought Anet already learned this, what with their stance on dps meters, and seeing what people already do with AP now.


  5. All in all, it reeks of grind and empowering elitism. Unless it turns out -very- differently to how they announced it, my girl and me won’t get the expansion and might rather focus on other MMOs, which do not decide to go this way.


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